The Ultimate Role Models

Happy Feast of All Saints!!  Every November 1st, the Catholic Church gathers together during their Holy Day of Obligation (ahem, get thee to Church today) to celebrate the lives of saints!  Many other Catholic families will have their children dressing up as popular saints, but I’ve already established I am nowhere near being any other Catholic Mommy Blogger, so we have no plans for my children to dress up – or, to feast on anything fun for dinner.

As a cradle Catholic, who used to adore reading about the lives of saints, I am often surprised I feel awkward asking the saints to pray for me.  As the Apostles’ Creed has stated for thousands of years, I firmly believe, “in the communion of saints,” but I have a tendency to forget the moving imagery the Book of Revelation paints about the saints, in heaven, praying endlessly.  I kind of forget that I can ask them to pray for my intentions!

But, they shouldn’t feel too badly – I have difficulty asking anyone to pray for me, whether they be alive or dead.

So, how are ways I can possibly connect with these role models?   Because that’s what the communion of saints is about for me – a community of role models!

The saints’ lives give me hope!  These people lived their lives, and throughout the course of their trials and tribulations, they found God!  They learned of His goodness, His love, His mercy, and decided to continue seeking Him.

They struggled!  Saint Augustine, a known womanizer, once wrote, “O Master, make me chaste, but not yet!”  Even in his struggle, St. Augustine turned toward God – to plead Him for a little wiggle room.  That is something I know I can appreciate…

St. Augustine picture associated with his autobiography Confessions of a Sinner.

They loved!  Despite their struggles, these holy men and women loved God so much, they were willing to be unpopular and even die for Him.  They even loved so much, they remembered to extend that love to those around them, even when they were ridiculed.  As St. Thalassios the Libyan wrote, “If you share secretly in the joy of someone you envy, you will be freed from your jealousy; and you will also be freed from your jealousy if you keep silent about the person you envy.”

This book is on my wish list, after seeing a compilation of quotes!

I don’t typically think of praying to the saints, but their lives fascinate me!  Their faith inspires me!

So, while my children are still young, I hope to figure out ways to make the saints’ stories and their lives come to life for my children,  in the hope my children learn to grow and love the lives of the ultimate role models.

For, as the song “When the Saints Go Marching In,” says, “O Lord, I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in!”

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  1. “St. Augustine– a known womanizer” …there’s a great list out there of ways the saints were real, flawed people who by the grace of God were able to work through their vices. That really is inspiration! 🙂

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