A Faith Example in the Midst of Grief

Are you familiar with Our Lady of Sorrows?


If not, I think everyone should be – especially mothers!

Our Lady of Sorrows is a devotion to the seven sorrows of Jesus’ mom, Mary.  During her life, she experienced seven instances of intense sorrow: the prophesy of Simeon, the escape and flight into Egypt, the loss of the child Jesus in the temple, the meeting of Mary and Jesus during His Passion (on the way to Calvary), the Crucifixion, Jesus being removed from the Cross, and Jesus being buried in the tomb.  For a comprehensive guide to this devotion, check out this online booklet by Companions of the Cross.

In continuing my post from Monday, I find it appropriate to draw attention to Jesus’ mother.  Being Christ’s mother must not have been easy – not in the slightest!

Sure, she had the honor of bearing the Savior of mankind into the world.  But, what she signed up for was more than just the sunshine and roses that come with knowing your son will save everyone.

Instead, she had to fear for her son’s life from. the. day. He. was. born.  She knew people were plotting against Him, and she knew she and Joseph would have to do everything in their power to protect God’s Son, and ensure that He fulfilled His holy mission on earth.

And, what was that holy mission?

To be put to death, so He could rise again!  

Logically, she knew all this – she would have known Scripture would be fulfilled with Jesus’ death and resurrection.  And, yet, I am sure that didn’t make her pain or sorrow any less, as she watched events in Jesus’ life unfold.


All too often, people ask, “why?” in regard to experiencing grief and pain.

Mary knew God’s purpose and plan for the actions in her life which created so much grief.

But, knowing the “why” wouldn’t have eased her pain, as she watched her son beaten, whipped, ridiculed, nailed to the cross, and eventually succumb to the mortal ramifications of such actions – death.

Therefore, perhaps it is not for us to know “why,” when we grieve ourselves – because the “why” doesn’t ease the grief…

Instead, I have found profound strength by turning toward Our Lady of Sorrows when my grief is most intense.  In humanity, only she has the truest capacity to understand, sympathize, and empathize with my own grief and sorrow.

I urge all of us to look toward Our Lady’s example – of faith, trust, perseverance, and love.

For, in the midst of her grief and sorrow, she continued to love.

And, in the midst of our grief and sorrow, she continues to love.

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