JEI 2: Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is upon us!  Millions of families and friends across the United States are gathering for a feast day, filled with (hopefully) great food and fun conversation.  This week, our topic for The Zelie Group’s “Just Enough Information” segment, is Thanksgiving.


Do you have to cook for Thanksgiving?  If yes, what’s on the menu?  If no, high five!

I actually dislike the way this is worded.  Yes, I get to cook for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is, traditionally, one of my favorite meals – the turkey, with ‘taters, and cranberries (all separate dishes).  Don’t forget the green bean casserole or pumpkin pie, either!  This year, I’m trying something new – a crock pot turkey and stuffing recipe is on the menu.  But, it covers all the basics.


What famous person would you like to invite to your family Thanksgiving?

This question doesn’t specify living or dead.  If I could choose anyone, alive or dead, it would be Elie Wiesel.  Author of my all-time favorite book, Night, Mr. Wiesel passed away this last year.  He was my inspiration to study Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and other genocides committed throughout history.  His gentleness, testimony of survival, and witness of forgiveness are awe inspiring!

A famous person, living, that I would love to invite (free of charge, of course) would be Immaculate Ilibagize.  A survivor of the Rwandan genocide, her books Left to Tell and Led by Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the Rwandan Genocide have provided inspiration to millions of readers, describing her trials and tribulations during the genocide, as well as providing testimony and witness of how she found love and forgiveness in the aftermath of atrocity.  Having read two other books of hers, Our Lady of Kibeho, and The Boy who Met Jesus: Segatashya of Kibeho, I would love to have the opportunity to sit with her, and break bread together, regardless of whether or not we spoke of her past.  (I would, however, ask her more information about her story of Segatashya…)

Excluding family, health and basic needs met – what are 3 things that you are thankful for?

I would say I am thankful for:

  • My blog and its faithful readers.  Without the readers, there would be no blog!
  • I am thankful for our service members – who constantly work to keep our country safe.  In extension, I am thankful for the family and friends who support the service members, because without proper support, they would be unable to do their jobs successfully and continuously.
  • I am thankful for my faith.  Without trust in God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, I would not be nearly the wife and mother I am today.  I would not have the ability to walk this road as a military wife as successfully as I am, without my deep, passionate relationship with God.  I am thankful for the hours I get to meet Him in Adoration, or in the Eucharist – whether accompanied by small children, or on my own.


I would love to hear from my readers:

  1. Do you have to (or, get to) cook for Thanksgiving?  If yes, what’s on the menu?  If no, high five!
  2. What famous person would you like to invite to your family Thanksgiving?
  3. Excluding family, health, and basic needs being met – what are 3 things you are thankful for?

Answer in the comments, or in your own blog post!


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