Living, Gifting, Spending – Intentionally

Thanksgiving is over, and all across the United States, “Black Friday” is drawing to a close.

For some reason, this holiday season I am preferring to focus on the deeper meaning of the season of giving.  I’ve been contemplating the whole concept of “gifts,” asking myself:

What is a gift?  Why should we gift?  When should we gift?

I am struggling to get in the festive “gift-giving” holiday spirit.  It isn’t because I don’t like giving gifts – quite the contrary!  I love giving gifts to family and friends.

Yet, I’m struggling because I am no longer interested in keeping up with the hustle and bustle of consumerism.  I am no longer interested in “stuff,” which will undoubtedly clutter my house, or the house of the recipient.

Instead, I am being drawn into the concept of living intentionally – living with the thoughts on the true meaning of this Advent season, a liturgical period spent preparing our hearts and homes for the birth of Our Savior.

Instead of buying for the sake of buying, I am deciding to gift intentionally – only spending money on the gifts that I hope will bring warmth, cheer, and love to the recipient.

Instead of facing the throngs of people, and the sales that abound from now until the first of December, I am choosing to spend intentionally – only spending money on those gifts that I feel will be worth the money spent.

Because God has already given us the ultimate gift!

Without our asking, He has given us the gift of our lives – literally!


And, quite honestly, no gift I could give could ever be as awe-some as the one He has given us.


Will you join me this holiday season in preparing to live intentionally, gift intentionally, spend intentionally?


3 thoughts on “Living, Gifting, Spending – Intentionally

  1. just read your blog, and you have finally come to what we came to many years ago.  Gift giving b/c stores say it is time is wrong on so many levels.  Giving should be personal and meaningful on a higher level-  when it truly a meaningful unselfish gift.  The commercialism of this holiday is so sad and disheartening.  Where did people go wrong?  Where did we lose our way?  I prefer the gift of a phone call, a surprise in the mail , a gift made from the heart just because you thought of them, a gift that is outside the commercialism of the “mandatory” gift giving seasons.  All of these times are created by the business sector to increase sales and profits- to fill and enrich the pockets of commercial enterprises-  with no true thoughts about an actual recipient..  The last three years we have given to those who need-  truly need, not want.  We adopted Crosswalk and have made 12 very large bags for each of the 12 kids who are staying there through Christmas Eve.  They truly need.  And our giving is not as a gift, but as a hand up to kids who would otherwise suffer-  and the agency also.  Everything they provide  shrinks their operating budget.  It helps a lot of people in the end.  Kids should never suffer without warm clothes and outerwear.  They should never have to experience the lack of joy in every day.  They should never want for basic food, clothing, shelter, or personal care items.  If for one day we could ease their pain or bring a smile to their faces, that is our way to give….the true gift of easing another’s suffering on any level.

    Sorry to get preachy…just me thoughts as I watch wanton waste, and the disgusting display of human behavior to get “stuff”.

    Love you…Mom

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