Eel-Wrangling & Squirmy-Worm Holding in My Sunday Best!

Yesterday, the color of the garments the priests wear changed from green (designating Ordinary time) to purple (designating a time of penitence and sacrifice).  Because of that, I had a fantastic last minute idea to wear an outfit liturgically colorful, figuring, “Hey, what planning do we need?  We’re a K-State family!”

As is usual with my last-minute ideas, things didn’t quite go according to plan.  Neither of my children own anything with Kansas State colors that fit – well, my daughter has a too small dress (I pair with white leggings).  But, she had worn it this past week and gotten it dirty.  So, neither child was dressed liturgically correct yesterday.

My husband is a good sport, indulging supporting my efforts to keep a focus on Advent and “all things Christian,” and I noticed he chose a shirt which had a small thread of purple woven into the fabric of blue plaid.  But, overall, the only person dressed in any liturgical colors yesterday was yours truly.



Yesterday, we didn’t take two children to church – we took a whiny eel, dressed as a four year old boy, and a squirmy worm, dressed as a baby who just found her walking skills.

I had forgotten the first Sunday of Advent has incense, which doesn’t bother me – I kind of love the smell.  As Mass was starting, I leaned over and asked my son, “Does it smell good or icky?”  His not too quiet response was, “It is gross!

I keep reminding myself, in this season of my life, my mere presence at church, with my littles, is attendance enough.  Someday, I will be able to pay attention to all the small nuances occurring during our services, listen fully to the homilies (the parts I heard yesterday were awesome), and fully participate in concentrating on the words I am saying during prayers and songs.

Until then, I will continue to fight the good fight – the one that corrects the four year old strewn across the pew, as though he needs smelling salts to revive him (his passive aggressive pose when he doesn’t want to be in church).  I will continue to redirect the baby – pointing out the really cool stuff, like Jesus, the lights, the priest, the fans, the choir, etc….

And, I encourage all mamas and dads of littles to join me in the pews of your local churches this Advent!

I promise – it’s a ride.

But, no prayer is wasted, and there are blessings to be found in your struggles with your littles while in church!

I’m linking up with A Blog for My Mom for her weekly series of “My Sunday Best.”

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4 thoughts on “Eel-Wrangling & Squirmy-Worm Holding in My Sunday Best!

  1. I tried to convince the girls to wear purple for Mass, but they weren’t having it! And I had *just* put away my purple maternity dress, but my scarf had some purple and honestly I was past the point of caring on Sunday morning 😉 But I love the effort!

    1. Aww!! I *did* notice the purple in your scarf, and quite frankly, you had every reason to be past the point of caring! Your newest bundle is so beautiful, and her safe arrival is all that mattered. Congratulations!! And, I look forward to future liturgically inspired outfits!

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