JEI 3: Hosting a Good Time!

Christmas-time is rife with parties and hosting events – whether at one’s house, or in the community.  This week’s Zelie Group JEI segment tackles hospitality, which I found fitting, since I just hosted a meeting at my house yesterday.  Thankfully, I thought ahead and remembered to take a picture of the food I was serving, so I have some pictorial example for the first prompt!img_1954

What is your go-to “someone’s coming over” recipe?

Honestly, it really depends on the reasoning for their coming over.  Yesterday was a working-lunch, but toward mid-afternoon, so I offered finger-foods.

My husband says I plan too much food all the time!  Since I didn’t know the ladies well, I had to plan for different palates (not to mention how much I enjoy planning get-togethers, even if I am an introvert).  Cheese, salami and crackers were offered; bruschetta with mozzarella was offered with french bread; Marguerite pizza, cooled, was on the table.  Chocolate-covered gingerbread cookies anyone familiar with Germany would immediately recognize rounded out the menu!  Coffee, water, milk, and Lemonade Crystal Light were offered drink options.  Yesterday was a success, as everything got touched, and although I have some leftovers, everyone got enough to eat!

If someone is coming over for dinner, my go-to are cupcakes for dessert.  Unless it’s a special occasion, in which I make cheesecake cupcakes from scratch, I use the mix.  My son is in charge of choosing the cupcake mix he would like served, and then he helps me make them.  I find cupcakes to be the best hospitality food offering, since people can have as many, or as little, as they would like!

My son went through a phase where we could only have blue cupcakes.  I couldn’t, in good conscience, serve simply blue cupcakes, so whipped up some frosting, broke out my decorating kit, and made them a little more aesthetically pleasing!

You have 5 minutes to tidy before guests arrive.  What are your tidying shortcuts?

My previous shortcut was to toss everything into cupboards or closets.  After doing some significant purging in the past 10 months, I am finding I have less to worry about tidying.  But, there’s always something that can be done – whether throwing toys in their toy baskets, or doing some last-minute dusting.  I’m finding my best tidying shortcut is to tidy nightly before bed; otherwise, it’s a mad dash against the clock!  That said, I am such a major introvert, nobody I know comes over without fair warning…

What sort of music sets the mood for the perfect gathering?

This time of the year, Christmas music – I am enjoying playing Pentatonix, and have found more people than not know the group and their music.  Since they play traditional Christmas carols, I’m all about their Christmas albums.  Outside this holiday season, my go-to is the peaceful music of “Blue-Eyes” Frank Sinatra, or my generation’s Frank (Michael Bublé).  In the past, my husband has put on our wedding playlist, heavily laden with Frank, Nat King Cole, Michael Bublé, etc., and we have been able to enjoy our time.


I would love to hear from you!

  • What is your go-to “someone’s coming over” recipe?
  • You have 5 minutes to tidy before guests arrive.  What are your tidying shortcuts?
  • What sort of music sets the mood for the perfect gathering?

Answer in the comments below, or in your own blog post.  And, head on over to our weekly JEI link up to see how other bloggers respond to these prompts, to maybe get ideas, or to add your own post with these prompts!

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4 thoughts on “JEI 3: Hosting a Good Time!

  1. Pentatonix! I watched their rise to success on The Sing-Off and have enjoyed them since. I’m a sucker for acapella, though. 🙂

    Your spread sounds lovely! It’s nice that anyone who knows you knows to call first. That’s love for you.

    1. That is also the perk of moving every couple years – I’ve only developed friendships close enough with just a couple people who don’t have to call on their way over. They show up, and don’t even give me a 5 minute notice because they don’t care what the house looks like. Those are my true friends!!

      And, we are HUGE fans of a cappella in our house, too!!

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