Getting Something from Mass

I went to Mass today, I promise!  This is what I wore:

Maxi skirt – Target a few years ago; Purple nursing top – gift from a friend four years ago; Black camisole – $7.99 at the PX; Black flats – sale at Kroger (I think less than $20); nursing/infinity scarf – made by a friend and gifted to me (one-of-a-kind, but she can make more…)
The children wanted a picture with Mommy – okay, M wanted one, with his mom, sister and “Officer Judy Hops”; E was going to be shown off anyway – she was a mis-match of patterns today, with a tree (triangle), plaid, polka-dot pants (the patterns came as a set), and a star on the socks.  She rocked her favorite red shoes, though!

Although I promise I went to Mass, I’m pretty sure all I did was give my Guardian Angel a lift there.

Because I got nothing out of Mass.

My head wasn’t in the game today.

What was the reason?

I was child-wrangling today.

In the remote off-chance our chaplain actually reads this, I got nothing out of his homily – it didn’t speak to me at all – because I didn’t get to listen.  There was no major ah-ha moment today, the choir did their usual good job but failed to understand lift me, and I went through the prayers monotonously.

Little Miss ripped the Missalette today.  I just remembered I forgot to take it aside after Mass.

She screeched, which she does when she’s happy, sad, angry, or simply trying to talk (and mimic) other babies.

She waved.

She sang songs.

She nursed – and almost allowed herself to fall asleep.

She read her board books – or, demanded we read them.  She even beaned her brother upside the eyebrow with a board book, demanding he read the “Baby Jesus Touch-and-Feel Storybook.”

Her brother had to go to the bathroom during the Collection of gifts – thankfully, my husband is on bathroom duty during church.

Her brother tried to claim to be, “too tired,” and briefly feigned poses reminiscent of limp noodles – until he was threatened to not be allowed to attend the CCD party after Mass.

And yet, we still went to Mass.

Regardless of the outcome of so many Masses in which I walk out unrefreshed, unrejuvenated, and thinking I got nothing, I know I received something.

I received a few gifts today:

  • A gift of hearing other parents frantically shushing their own children – of knowing I am not alone!
  • A gift of the sounds of a church filled with little ones – knowing my Church is alive and has a future!
  • A gift of fellowship – having faith those around me were praying for me, for my children, and for each other!

Had I not attended Mass today, I also wouldn’t have received the most precious gift out there – the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!

So, I took my Guardian Angel to Mass today.

Did I feel as though I got something?  Definitely not – not in the slightest.

But, I know I got several things out of Mass!

Church may be rote and unenthusiastic at times.  It may be downright unwelcoming.  Yet, when I committed to the notion that I, “want to be Catholic,” I made a commitment to the Church, and to God.

He is my priority.

And, He is just grateful we all attended Mass today.  Together, as a family upon which He is the rock.

And, having faith that He is pleased makes all the difference today.


I’m linking up with Rosie at A Blog for My Mom as part of her “My Sunday Best” series.  Click the link to her blog to see what other fabulous ladies wore for Mass today, and don’t forget to post your own pictures and/or link up your own blog about your outfit, your thoughts on today’s readings, and/or your Mass experience!  As Rosie says, anything goes, “As long as you wore your outfit to church.”

8 thoughts on “Getting Something from Mass

  1. Beautiful! I definitely have Masses like this right now. My daughter Cima on, over and under pews. She occasionally reads her books wilst shouting “Jesus!”. Meanwhile, her brother songs Alleluia at the top of his lungs, at inappropriate times. And the other brother struggles between participation and silliness. I have stopped trying to “get something” out of Mass and try more to give to God during Mass. It helps now and I’m hoping, when I don’t have distraction, it will help me participate with a full heart.

  2. Christmas lights and no sleeves?? Send some of your weather this way!!
    And I’m so thankful that even when Mass is just a battle of the wills, at least Jesus is there!

    1. Haha! Yes! Sunday was in the mid-80s; yesterday, we were down to the mid-40s. So, we are having rapid cycling weather these days!

      And, completely agree – at least Jesus is at Mass (probably chuckling at my efforts to silence my children…).

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. When Target pulled out of Canada after just 6 months I so disappointed. I loved it there. I still look at that stuff I bought there wistfully. And my daughter loved riding in the red, heated carts.

    1. We have never had heated carts!! I personally refuse to shop at Walmart, which usually just left Target as an option before heading to the mall. But, unfortunately, I have noticed most Target stores we have lived near have stopped taking care of their aisles and the quality of their clothing has gone down. So, I am doing more with the Post Exchange (PX); that said, I am using my maxi skirts like nobody’s business! For the most part, they are still holding up – which is good, since I don’t want to take time to go shopping for me anymore! 😂

      Thank you for your comment!

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