#WorthRevisit: Mary, Were You Scared?

This time last year, my family was preparing to add our second, and currently our youngest, “human puppy” to the family.  We were praying fervently to make it to 39 weeks’ gestation, meaning our daughter would surpass her brother by making it to “full-term.”  The week of Christmas was my 36 week mark – the same week my son had entered the world when I was pregnant with him.


As I nested and prepared my heart for the upcoming birth, I wrote an article entitled, “Mary, Were You Scared?”  In it, I pondered:

There is no shame in being scared or nervous about anything in our lives. Being scared is a human emotion. Mary was human – as human as you or I. So, I can only imagine she was scared. Scared as she gave birth, scared as she and the remainder of the Holy Family fled Herod, scared when Simeon warned her of the sorrows in her heart to come, scared when she couldn’t find Jesus for the 3 days He was preaching in the temple, scared when she encouraged Him to begin His public ministry at the wedding feast at Cana, scared as He challenged the “status quo” of the Pharisees, scared as she watched Him be tortured and crucified for our sins. Although she had faith, was she still scared that He may not rise on that third day?

While contemplating linking up with Allison at Reconciled to You and Elizabeth at Theologyisaverb for their weekly #WorthRevisit link up, I once again found myself contemplating Mary’s emotions as she prepared for the birth of her Divine Son.

Today, we are four days from Jesus’ birthday.  At this time, centuries ago, Mary and Joseph were traveling, eagerly awaiting arrival in Bethlehem for the census.  We know now that they would find no rooms to share, and instead would deliver Mary’s son – Our Savior – in a stable (or cave).

As I thought about this today, I realized – thinking Mary might have been slightly nervous makes her more real to me.  It allows me to see her as a human; she was the most important tool God could use to send His Son to earth, but she was fully human, too.  Being scared or nervous does not mean a person does not have full trust in God’s divine plan – it is but human nature to occasionally be scared – to wonder the hows or the whys (or, perhaps more the “why me?”).


And, to think, while she may have completely trusted God’s will and plan for her life, she might have been a little anxious makes her all the more admirable to me.

For, despite her possible worries, she still said yes – and, she still raised her Son to save us from our sins.

How awesome is that?

One thought on “#WorthRevisit: Mary, Were You Scared?

  1. I think we all say yes in many ways to God. Without knowing what is going to happen or how things will turn out, we proceed in faith. Our priority is to accept whatever the outcome is and “go with it”, knowing that we are not travelling alone. Just as Mary did. Would she have said “Yes” if she knew the pain and heartache being the Mother of God would bring? She couldn’t have known, so she went with faith. Such an example of all things good.

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