JEI (5): Looking Ahead to this New Year

While the Zelie Group has created a new monthly theme, there are still some “Just Enough Info” topics floating around. I am going to continue participating in these as long as my words are willing to flow.

The last JEI I participated in was last year. Sounds like a long time ago, so I will be joining up with this week’s JEI link-up, hosted by Sweeping Up Joy, to bring you the best of this week’s JEI!

What is one small thing, if you accomplish it in 2017, will make you feel successful?


I have struggled with this question for at least a week. Last night, I realized if I can pray the Rosary daily for a year, truly pray it, contemplating the words, mysteries, life of Jesus, and on prayer intentions, then that would make me feel successful.

That said, I don’t want to feel like a failure if life happens and I stop saying that set of prayers daily. So, I don’t want to put the pressure on myself.

Therefore, I guess I would have to say increasing my prayer life, while maintaining a firm “in the moment” presence with my children would render my 2017 successful… learning to strike the balance between two competing, but not mutually exclusive topics – prayer and motherhood.

Have you picked a “word of the year” or patron saint of the year?  

(Visit Saint’s Name Generator if you would like to find a saint!)

This is the first year I’ve really heard of the concept of “Word of the Year.” I recently wrote about one word coming to mind when I thought about my blog – prayer. Driving home one day this past week, I realized that the word “prayer” must be my word of the year. For the past month, it has consistently been the word which comes to mind when I think of any given word.

As far as Saints, my personal Saint found from the Saint Name Generator is: Blessed John of Parma. I don’t know too much about him – yet.

Our family’s saint name was identified as: St. John Bosco, patron Saint of boys, editors, and youth. Since I have a rambunctious boy, teach youth, and love editing, I think this is a fitting saint.

 What are you looking forward to in 2017?

I am looking forward to seeing the journey my blog takes! Blogs are living creatures, which grow and change over the course of their lifetime – whether the lifetime is short or long. I’m excited to see the trajectory of Beautiful Camouflage.

Furthermore, I am excited at the prospect of my oldest beginning school, and watching both of my children have learn, grow, and continue taking their world by storm. These two have been a lot of fun, and now they are at even more exciting ages – together. I’m excited to see what will happen!

Here’s the part of the JEI I look forward to the most – asking my readers to join in the conversation! Be sure to answer in the comments section here, or add your own blog post and send the link to my comments! All you have to do is answer the following three prompts:

  • What is one small thing, if you accomplish it in 2017, will make you feel successful?
  • Have you picked a “word of the year,” or patron saint of the year?
  • What are you looking forward to in 2017?

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