Thoughts in My Sunday Best: Motherhood is Not Individualistic

Happy Sunday!

Like all days, church attendance some Sundays are good, and others leave a parent wishing for a stiff drink. Today’s experience was infinitely better than our experience last week. This week, we all remained in the pew… the entire service!

I was even able to listen to a fantastic homily about how, as Christians, we are not called to be individualistic. Instead, we are called to put our personal interests and desires aside, and follow the rules set forth by God, and to live in accordance with the precepts of our faith. Furthermore, we are called to die to our own selfish interests, for the good of others, and for the good of our souls.

And, I may have snorted at that concept.

Because motherhood is all about dying to self.

Not in a bad way. Rather, motherhood is all about putting my desires (like a full night’s rest, or an adult-beverage in the midst of an ever-changing nursing schedule, or a quiet no-children-allowed shower) aside, and thinking about the little ones dependent upon me. Motherhood requires me to think about the smallest creatures in the house (I’m going by weight here), and set my priorities in line with their needs and priorities.

Through motherhood, I have learned to be less individualistic.

Prior to becoming a mother, I logically knew life was not all about me. But, it wasn’t until I had my son that the concept really struck me. My life ceased being about what made me happy, and instead the focus shifted to how I can best guide the little soul in my life to heaven. Motherhood shed a light on the importance of living a life for someone else – not that I take my children’s identity, but instead, I recognize my goal of teaching my children to be productive citizens, contributing to the betterment of society. While I accept they have free will, it’s my job to foster an environment which will nurture their inherent goodness, love, inquisitiveness, and helpfulness.

While motherhood is permanent, the struggles themselves are not.

The good news is, the sleepless nights, the abstinence from alcohol, the accompanied showers are not going to last forever! Someday, I will have other battles to face – battles that include having to stand up for the rights of my children, battles that will test my faith in others, and battles that will force me to go toe-to-toe with my children. Those battles, though, will most likely be fleeting, and leave me yearning for the days where my children were stuck to my side like glue. They will leave me remembering those sleepless nights. They may even lead me to reach for an adult beverage, once in a blue moon!

But, the blessing of motherhood is one which will be with me forever. I will always have my children.

Just as God always has us.

My little helpers, assisting me in preparing for a lesson for my CCD class.
I threw a necklace on after snapping this picture for My Sunday Best series.
I just really liked this picture, and thought it showcased Little Miss’ Sunday Best, too – although, after Church meant no socks or shoes.

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts in My Sunday Best: Motherhood is Not Individualistic

  1. Thank goodness for motherhood sucking the selfish out of us! It’ll always be a struggle for me, I know, because I have a natural inclination to be rather selfish and lazy… But having all these kids to care for has made it a lot harder to be like that!

    1. I have a natural inclination to be rather lazy myself! But, I agree – they are one of our paths to sanctification. And, while I know it is a struggle, for many of us, the avocation of motherhood *does indeed* suck the selfish out of us. Except when it comes to my chocolate or coffee… I may have been super selfish with both this week… Haha!

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

  2. I don’t think it is selfish to want a shower by yourself, or a time of quiet to gather your thoughts without the constant demands of children. We all need to take a breath. If you don’t take care of you, who will? And when all the children leave the home (sad), what are you going to have left? What happens to moms who have so totally devoted themselves to their children that they have no identity left? There will be a time between “mom” and “grandma” where you need to accept your new identity and know who you are. Take time for yourself, enjoy a coffee, or even a minute alone in the bathroom doing nothing but sipping hot chocolate or eating a chocolate bar. If you aren’t at your “you” best,, you will all suffer.

    1. Eh – I have a blog post publishing on another site tomorrow morning about that! Tonight’s post was more about how motherhood is a prime example of living a less-individualistic lifestyle. And, we are called, as mothers, to live outside of ourselves and to think of the needs of those around us. Which sets us up perfectly for being able to Christ-centered, Christian lives!

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