Getting to Know Us (1A): Quiet of the Seasons

Have you ever gone outside during a snow storm? How about a snow storm in the country? Outside, wrapped up against the cold elements, perhaps with a cup of steaming hot chocolate in my hands, sitting on a swing, watching and listening to the dry snow fall is perhaps one of my favorite winter-time activities.

The silence during snow falls can be deafening.

The quiet stillness leaves one alone with their thoughts, and for me, leaves me in awe of the splendor of creation.

The winter season is chock full of parties, celebrations, and get-togethers. It’s hard, during the hustle and bustle to take a moment to find some quiet. I think even Mother Nature needs some downtime after the holiday rush, and therefore, January seems to be quiet – at least, quieter than most months.

January is a time of new beginnings for so many people – it seems to ring in a fresh start, and the world seems to become just a little bit quieter. At least, for a little bit of time.

This winter has been one of the quietest in years. I won’t say I have struggled in our new duty location, because I don’t think I have; instead, I will say I have been more introverted than in years past. Feeling bruised and raw from some experiences at previous duty locations, this year, I took a step back.

And, with that step back, I feel as though I found some clarity I was lacking the previous couple years. I found reflection on myself coming easier – I have been able to reflect on the person I am, the person I have been, and more importantly, the person I want to be as a wife, mother, and individual. Perhaps most importantly, I feel as though I have found much needed peace and quiet – in my soul.

I miss the snowfalls – the quiet only a snowstorm can bring.

But, those memories are in the past.

Instead, I now look forward to a turn in seasons, which will herald a new kind of quiet – the rainy (and sometimes stormy) days of spring time, which will usher in a new period, filled with hope of new creation and warmer weather.

With thoughts swirling in my head, and coffee in my hands, I look forward to what the seasons bring.

And, as I look forward, I relish in the quiet of my thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Getting to Know Us (1A): Quiet of the Seasons

  1. I love that deafening quiet of a fresh fallen snow. It’s like the air is full of quiet. So powerful. I’m feeling a little need for some quiet around here! Reflection is a good idea 🙂

    1. I agree – the air does usually just “feel quiet”! And, haha – when does a mom not need some quiet? Haha! 😂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. This was a banner year for slowly falling beautiful snowflakes by the millions. In the country the snow was and is pristine. It fell softly for days, and then even Mother Nature got angry- the wind howled and drifted the gently laid snow into huge drifts., The falling ice pelted everything and refused to allow the snow to sparkle like it had for days. Travel was impossible. But then it calmed and flakes dropped into the quiet night again. Sound like the persons we are sometimes? There is quiet and there is “not quiet” at all. We need to learn to accept it all.

  3. I love that “All I need is some hot chocolate, a swing and a whole lot o’ snow”!!! Pinning 🙂

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