Self-Care & My Sunday Best

There comes a time in every mother’s life where the status quo is just not good enough. The day in, day out routines become overwhelming and demanding, and mothers are encouraged to get out and do something for themselves.

For the past several months, I have told my husband I needed a haircut – my hair was frizzy and out of control when down, so became a tight bun more often than not. I was thoroughly dissatisfied with my hair, but wasn’t sure of how I wanted it to change. Add to that a very negative experience the last time I got my hair cut (two years ago?), and not knowing how I wanted my hair to look, meant sitting tight just waiting for inspiration and finding a reputable hair dresser.

One of My Sunday Best outfits, not too long ago…

Yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and got my hair cut!

And, let me tell you – the weight I have experienced the past few months, both literally and figuratively, seemed to melt away.


The picture on the far left was from the hair dresser. She attempted to style it, but didn’t realize that my hair is too heavy to retain any curl from a curler. By the time I got home (forty minutes later), the curl had left the hair. Still looked modern, but didn’t quite cut the “length of time test.”

The next three pictures are part of “My Sunday Best” series, hosted by A Blog for My Mom. They are pictures of what I wore for Mass today. I was LuLa Roe’d out – charcoal grey Carly Dress, hot pink leggings. I paired it all with a fabulous knitted shawl/neck cowl, given to me by my older sister. I’ve been trying to find the right thing to pair with the shawl for years, and finally found something to truly make it work! I think this may be my Valentine’s outfit this year! My son took the picture with Little Miss, and I noticed he was giggling as he took picture, after picture, after picture. He continued giggling as I approached him to take the phone – I got the biggest chuckle out of the last picture he captured – I am blurry, his sister is blurry, and the dog is in the background wondering what’s going on!

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Today’s Mass shenanigans included a little boy who insisted he had to go potty right before church started. He was gone for the first ten minutes of Mass. Then, all reverence went out the window when my daughter pulled a “protestor threw a shoe at President Bush” moment, by removing her shoe while we were kneeling, playing keep-away from Mom while we were standing, and in a last ditch effort to keep me from getting it, tossing it half-way up to the altar. The comedy was not lost on me, and I was grateful for the woman who saved the shoe. Apparently, that’s what we get for sitting in the first pew today!

This shawl is such a feminine piece of art that I get to wear. I now have the perfect ensemble, and love that it can be worn frequently now!

So, never a dull moment!

And, remember, mamas, it’s okay to treat yourselves every now and then!

18 thoughts on “Self-Care & My Sunday Best

    1. Thank you so much – it is my effort to dress more my age! I hope your hair cut gets a little more manageable… It can take a little bit of time to tweak and tease a new cut out.

  1. Wow! The haircut really does make you look younger (I thought you looked lovely before, but this was quite the transformation).

    And…I love the Lularoe. I’ve really enjoyed being able to find colors and patterns that fit my personality. I haven’t been able to find that before. Those hot pink leggings are so fun! You’re right about that scarf being very feminine, too.

    Thanks for sharing your shoe story. It made me giggle. Since it wasn’t my little miss who did it. 🙂

    1. Oh, it was definitely quite the chuckle from my husband and myself – after turning a little beet red!

      I’m honestly of two minds on LuLa Roe… I love the feel, but I thoroughly disdain the whole “pop up” concept and things only being for sale at limited times.

      But, they work with a scarf that I have found nothing for, for literally years!

  2. I find this so encouraging! My last hair cut was also two years ago (too expensive). But now I have a gift card so I’m looking into booking one soon! I usually cut my hair myself *soooo difficult!* My self care routine usually involves a nightly bath while hubby cares for the kids. So important to me! When I get someone else to watch the kids, I end up doing the grocery shopping or something lol.

    1. I can’t ever seem to calm down enough for a bath, or, if I do, I get too calm and become worried I’ll fall asleep! 😳😂 I also have been known to use something like grocery shopping as a way to indulge in self care – I usually get myself something extra!

      Good luck with the hair cut – enjoy the pampering! I don’t trust myself to cut my own hair, so it was literally two years… 😂

  3. Your haircut looks great! I see so many people posting about looks greats on you.

    1. Thank you so much! I have a love-hate relationship with LLR. I am trying to get my thoughts into words for a post about it someday!

  4. Your hair looks great! And so do you! I always wait forever to get haircuts, too… It’s just so hard to justify spending the time and money!

    Love the pink leggings with that scarf 😊😊😊

    1. I agree it is so difficult to spend the time and money. I was so grateful the “pricey” I was expecting (the lady who referred me said they were “a little pricey”) was still thirty dollars under what I expected – definitely manageable, especially since I held off for four months, because I was scared of spending a lot on a cut.

      But, it was definitely needed…

      Thank you!

  5. You look very pretty! One of my goals for this year is learning how to accessorize. I know it sounds ridiculous but I become paralyzed when I try to figure out what jewelry to wear with what outfit! So I am making myself wear a different thing each day, and I’ve been taking pictures so I can seek advice. 🙂

    1. Oohh!! My go-to accessories are scarves (love, love, love them – wrote a blog post showcasing how many I have), and dangly earrings. The belt is a new accessory item, and doesn’t always seem to go “just right”. If you link up with Rosie’s “My Sunday Best” series, you will get a lot of advice – that’s how I started linking up!

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