The Woman Behind the Blog: Why I Blog

This blog topic came at, perhaps, the right moment for me. The past month or so, I have been trying my hardest to build a social media following, get my name out there, and get my articles widely circulated. Before I realized what this CWBN topic was for this month, I was starting to get a little burnt out.

I was starting to ask myself why I wanted a following?

I began questioning what my voice is, and for what cause I stood for in the blogging world?

I began wondering my reasoning for continuing to blog?

Did I, and do I, have something unique to contribute?

As I battled with these self-doubts, and began questioning my motives, I began asking myself why I blog. What started me on this journey? What am I hoping to achieve through this process?

The more I asked myself the “whys,” the more I recalled what initially brought me into the blogosphere as a consistent blogger.

Beginning this past Holy Week, I was inspired to, “Write.” That is the only stirring I felt in my heart, but that prompt has provided me with more than enough topics, energy, and motivation to make it to today.

When I felt the stirring in my heart to, simply, “Write,” I told God during my Holy Hour that I would do as He willed, but He needed to help me reach the people that need to hear His words. Still in my first year of consistent blogging, I don’t have a clue what I am doing when it comes to themes, to designs, to marketing, to gaining a following. And, I am beginning to recognize I really don’t care to know the intricacies of the technical, behind the scenes world. I just want to write, and I want people to read and be touched by what I write.

I don’t blog to gain millions of readers, or even hundreds. I don’t blog for accolades, although encouragement is always nice to hear.

Frankly, I don’t blog for myself. Sure, it’ll be nice to look through and save certain pieces for my children. But, even they are not why I blog.


Instead, I blog because I know somewhere, in this vast world, someone needs to hear my words. Someone needs to hear the challenges I face, and how I tackle them. Someone needs to hear the words of affirmation. Someone needs to hear my musings on faith, religion, and how it applies to my daily living.

Someone out there needs to hear they are beautiful. 

Someone out there needs to hear they are doing a worthwhile job while parenting.

Someone out there needs to hear they are loved.

Someone out there needs to hear they are valuable.

Someone out there needs to hear that God loves them.

Someone out there needs to be reminded of God’s mercy.


I don’t know if that is you, my dear reader. But, I do know our world needs a little more positivity and a little more love. We need fewer tragic stories, and more affirmation of love – both our love for others, and God’s love for us.

So, if you know of a person who needs to hear the messages I write about, please send them my way – share the posts that resonate with you, comment to let me know what you want to read more about.

And know, God loves you.

You are beautiful and beloved.

And, in you, God is well pleased. 


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27 thoughts on “The Woman Behind the Blog: Why I Blog

    1. Then I am so glad you were able to read it! Because you are gloriously, wonderfully made, and God does love you! I am so glad it spoke to you. 😊

    1. It takes a very concerted effort to keep this perspective, and it isn’t easy. It was also weighing down because I lost my focus this past month. Thankfully, I was able to regain my perspective!

  1. What a great reason to blog and continue to do so! Keeping that positive spin and helping others feel lifted up is such a gift. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am trying to keep the positive spin – it helps when my nature is always to find a bright spot, although some people can be annoyed at times by the “eternal optimist”!

  2. It’s the human brain–we are social beings. We learn the most from one another. Sharing a blog is such a wonderful way to share, to create bonds, to give others the opportunity to learn from your thoughts. A great way for you to learn to. I’m glad you blog!❤

    1. Thank you so much! And, you are so correct – we do learn the most from one another. Blogging does allow people to connect from all over the world – different mindsets, different thoughts, different views. Which is part of the beauty!

  3. YES YES and YES! I love that you are part of this community. <3 We do need more positives. And people do need to hear from us.
    My favorite comments are random ones from people I don't know and they just really connect with what I am saying.
    Hugs & Blessings.

    1. Thank you! Those random comments are beautiful, for sure. And, partly the reason I keep blogging – because I don’t know them, but I know what I said resonated with someone.

      Hugs and blessings back!

  4. Anni, you are the best. God brought you into my life when I needed your presence the most. Thank you for being so supportive and inspirational.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! You also have been inspirational to me, and I am so glad we found each other in the blogosphere. I only hope (when)/if we get sent back to your neck of the woods, we will get to meet in person!

  5. This is such an encouraging post, which makes sense. I have not known you very long, but I know that you have a gift for encouragement and for building people up. Knowing that, your reasons for blogging make a lot of sense.

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