My Sunday Best Leads to a Lesson at the End of the Day

Have you heard of the Nineveh 90? It’s a pretty intense 90 days of spiritual and penitential exercises, designed for penance purposes (think fasting) and to instill some spiritual habits (hence 90 days) that a person may have been putting off for one reason or another. This year, I’m trying the Nineveh 90; it begins on the 13th of this month, and ends on the 100th anniversary of the final apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.

My family loves pizza, so as I began preparing for the Nineveh 90, I realized I needed to come up with an alternative to our regular ordering of pizza. I remembered our family occasionally made pizza on english muffins growing up, but that idea didn’t really make me super excited. However, instead, I decided to shop the pizza aisle at the grocery store a couple weeks ago, to see how we could curb our pizza ordering during the Nineveh 90, but also still have some sort of pizza indulgence. I came up with this idea:

But, the fun didn’t end there. I enlisted the help of my trusty little man, and had him design all the pizzas. He dislikes pizza sauce, and this process allowed him to create his own personal pizza.


He was given artistic license on everyone’s pizza that day…


The entire experience left me feeling pretty confident I have found a decent alternative to ordering pizza – and, the perk? We weren’t woken up throughout the night needing water to satiate thirst that comes from copious amounts of salt in takeout pizza.

Tonight, I decided we would repeat the meal from a couple weeks ago. This time, we had a few more ingredients on hand, and a newly requested ingredient of “french fries.” So, my husband got his meat-lovers pizza using hamburger, pepperoni, and bacon bits, I got my pepperoni ‘n bacon bits pizza, and our son got his cheese, pepperoni, “flat french fries” pizza.

Even Little Miss got in on the baking action tonight, keeping an eye on the breadsticks she devoured.


I had no intention of linking up with the “My Sunday Best” series today, simply because I am still ruminating on my thoughts from Mass.

However, at the end of the day, as I sat in my pajamas, my son had an exchange with me, which reminded me of a previous article I posted a while back – about being a reflection in they eyes of my children, and how every action parents undertake are noticed by our small children.

Tonight, my son brought my lipstick out of my bathroom. As I sent him back to the bathroom, with an instruction to put it back and to stay out of my makeup drawer, in a deflated manner, as he dragged his feet, I heard him mumble, “But, I wanted to make my mom pretty.” I told him to bring me the lipstick, and put some on my lips. At that point, he excitedly exclaimed, while jumping up and down, “See? Perfect! I like my mommy when she’s pretty!” His enthusiasm reminded me to take a moment and revel in the beauty he sees in me, regardless of how I see myself.

My Sunday Best captured by my son this morning.

To my husband’s credit, he attempted, through the entire make-up conversation, to impress upon our son that I am beautiful all the time, regardless of whether or not I am wearing lipstick. We’re afraid that particular lesson fell on deaf ears!

10 thoughts on “My Sunday Best Leads to a Lesson at the End of the Day

  1. Oh, man. I checked out the Nineveh link. “Intense” is an understatement. I can’t imagine the fruits of such a spiritual exercise. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. 🙂

    We’ve struggled with how to explain makeup to our kids. I don’t have any (too expensive and fussy for me personally), but both grandmas have extensive regimens. If you figure it out, please share!

    1. Haha – yes, “intense” doesn’t quite do the challenge justice. But, our chaplain has reminded me – if I have difficulty one day, to wake up the next day with intentions to “do better.” Not quite going for 100% perfection, but I’m going to try my hardest!

      I have makeup for special occasions, because I am too cheap to buy what is beginning to need to be replaced. I think I may take the “enhances my beauty” track with makeup. But, I really am learning a steep curve right now! 😂

    2. I haven’t figured out a good explanation for makeup, either! I wear a small amount pretty much daily (usually more for Mass – it’s the one day I bother with mascara), and the girls are fascinated… I always tell them I didn’t start wearing makeup until high school, and even then only for special occasions. I’m not sure they actually notice whether it makes a difference or not, though!

      I always prefer homemade pizza to takeout – these days it hasn’t been happening because I’m overdue to make a big batch of sauce to freeze, and the dough takes so long to make and shape… But the kids LOVE flattening out the dough to make their own pizzas, so maybe I’ll try to get all the tomatoes out of the freezer and make a big batch of sauce this week and we’ll do homemade pizza again! All depends on whether the baby cooperates :/

      1. Haha! You have a great excuse for not making homemade pizza lately!

        I haven’t tried homemade crust or pizza sauce – yet. Perhaps I’ll get around to it when it’s Nineveh 90 time… Maybe…

        Thanks for stopping in!

  2. We do homemade pizzas here too! Sometimes we do pizza pockets using pillsbury croissant rolls or flat bread. Making pizza as a kid at one of my birthday parties is still a favorite memory of mine!

    1. Oohh!! I love pizza pockets…!

      That is an awesome activity for a kids’ birthday party!! I will need to tuck that one away…

  3. Yes, the Nineveh 90 looks very intense! Since I am in my 60s and still work outside the home, I’m choosing a few things to add to my usual routine. We do need this!

    1. Yes! Definitely tailor it to your abilities in life! I’m so glad to hear you will be doing your own Nineveh 90 this year – I think it is a beautiful idea, to offer our small sacrifices and do a little bit of good in our homes and lives (to include spiritual lives)!

    1. Thank you! It’s one of my favorite outfits!! And, I know my son prefers making his own, sans pizza sauce! I think homemade pizza will become a staple over the course of the next few months!

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