Catching Flying Objects in My Sunday Best

Have you ever been pelted in the leg with a sharpened pencil flying through the air? I have not, but the young kid sitting behind us today during Mass can now respond to that question in the affirmative.

Angry at not being allowed to accompany her dad and older brother to the bathroom today, Little Miss decided on a whim to pout. While she screeched her displeasure briefly, she switched to a new tactic. Thankfully, while she did not send her shoe flying up toward the altar this week, when waiting for the gifts to be brought forward for the Consecration, she instead began chucking everything in reach to the pew behind us.

I’ve got to admit – the girl has an arm. And, the tween-age boy behind us has got some impressive reflexes. He was only pelted with a double-sided, sharpened pencil; I saved him from receiving a couple board books and a veil in his lap.

And, by the time the veil was not a successful toss, thankfully Little Miss decided she was no longer aware of the reason behind her protesting, and had moved on to bigger and better things, such as taking prayer books out of the holder in the back of the pew in front of us.

The attempted-to-be-tossed veil in question – on display this past week at Adoration, per Little Miss’ request.

For the first time, in perhaps years, I heard a chaplain discuss the concept and teaching of the belief of Purgatory in his homily. The more I hear about that teaching, and the reason behind it, the more I fall in love with the concept. I love how, even if we are not in a state of perfect grace upon our death, we are able to be given a chance to have our sins washed away from our souls as we prepare to enter into God’s heavenly embrace. Much like the Prodigal Son (I know, not the Gospel reading today), we are given one last chance to turn to Our Father and beg His mercy on the sins we may have committed in our lifetime. And, I love the thought that I will get one. last. chance.


Until then, I shall be staying the course, trying my hardest to live a “Christ-centered” life, and leading my children to the same water; while it is up to them to believe, I can definitely do my part to steer them toward a kind, loving, Christ-centered path, and watch their free will unfold as they get older.

Who am I kidding? Their (already strong) free will is already making itself known!

Little Miss was the poster-girl for Babies R Us today; every single piece of clothing (except for the white leggings you can’t see) came from Babies R Us. Thankfully, she’ll be wearing all of it for a while, just maybe not all together like a cupcake in the future.

I’m linking up with Rosie over at A Blog for My Mom, as part of the “My Sunday Best” series.  Head on over to read more of what other fabulous bloggers took away from their Mass experience today – since I was too busy catching flying objects, I will need a little refresher myself!

My Sunday Best – pretty sure I’ve discussed all but the bracelets before…

If you are a sucker (like me) for beautiful jewelry, which will stand the test of time, children, and inclement weather, be sure to check out Tin Star Originals. The creator designs every piece with a vision, and will customize almost any look, with her own unique style and western-flare. She makes jewelry, scarf loops, and so much more. Be sure to check her out!

Customized key chain, made for me by my husband and son for Christmas before Little Miss entered the world!

I received no compensation for encouraging you to buy from Tin Star Originals – I just know I miss being able to stop in, and my husband’s wallet is thankful to not live within a 10 minute drive anymore!

12 thoughts on “Catching Flying Objects in My Sunday Best

    1. Is it a “girl thing”?! Haha – my son wasn’t a huge thrower, but this one? Definitely has a great arm, and likes to show it off – only during Mass! Haha!

  1. Haha! Oh, the chucking stuff phase. I remember wishing the people behind us in church would stop returning all the dropped/chucked items to our pew. That way at least there would be an end to the tossing because we’d run out of things that weren’t nailed down… But all the nice people always return stuff.

    I think the cupcake look is adorable, and thanks for passing on the info about Tin Star Originals. I’m checking them out now! 🙂

    1. I hope you like Tin Star’s creations!! She will customize anything in her skill set!

      I’ve narrowed down the tossing stuff to two things:
      1. She’s being scolded and doesn’t want to give me what she has – so she tosses it away;
      2. She’s angry that she doesn’t get her way, so she tosses something for the sake of tossing.

      Either way, I feel badly, but it is mildly entertaining – when I sit back and think about it…! 😂

  2. Oh, toddler rage!! One of Peter’s favorite things to do is take all the hymnals and missalettes out of the holders, stack them, and then put them back (even if we’re using them), shrieking if it doesn’t fit exactly the way he wants it to. Always a pleasant companion 😉

    1. Hahahaha! “Toddler rage” – APT description!

      What IS it with the screeching?! I cringe when my own child does it, but I chuckle when another person’s kid does it… had one person laugh outright when my daughter screeched in response to a screech across the store, and I point-blank asked her if she was hearing the song of her people.

      I know it’s developmental, and has to do with lack of expressive language skills, but man! My ear drums! 😂

  3. Your daughter is a character. My daughter has an arm too. I think to myself, while dodging flying objects, “you’re one but throw like a professional baseball player.”
    I too aim to be more christ-like; hopefully a good example for my girls.

    1. Haha! I wonder how mine gets an arm – as long as she was an aim better than I have, she’ll be further ahead in the athletic game! 😂

      I think as long as we try our hardest, that is the biggest part of success! The Lord knows our struggles and challenges, and He faces them with us; so, we just need to prioritize showing our children how we make amends when needed, and how we thank Him when we have successes!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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