The Big PFG: How I Plan to Lent

As I’ve previously stated, I’m participating in the Nineveh 90 challenge – a 90 day spiritual and physical wellness challenge, designed to offer penance and reparations for the sins of the world. The challenge began last week, and ends on the 13th of May. It’s pretty intense, involving giving up sweets and desserts, alcohol, eating between meals, etc. It also includes adding a significant portion of prayer life to daily life – saying prayers multiple times a day, trying our hardest to spend at least 20 minutes engaged in Holy Hour each day (Adoration not required), reciting the Rosary daily, attending daily Mass when possible, and preparing for Marian Consecration at the end of the 90 days. It also includes a couple days of pretty strict fasting requirements, provided one is healthy enough to fast.

Therefore, as I begin to gear up for Lent, I am at a loss about what else to do on my own.



The Nineveh 90 has it covered. I don’t think I have prayed more in my life than this past week! At one point, I bluntly told God I needed a break from Him – not from my faith life, but rather, I needed to not talk to Him. Honestly, I was tired of doing all the talking, and none of the listening.

So, He ensured I had time to listen later in the week. Problem solved!


I have decided for the special 40 days of Lent, including Sundays since that is “Mass day,” I will be fasting from pants. I won’t be running around pant-less, but instead, will go back to a previous challenge in which I wore skirts for just over a month. I’m going to allow myself  to wear my leggings under skirts or dresses, provided they look decent with the entire ensemble. The goal of this particular fast is to tap into my femininity. I want to feel like a woman – not someone who relies solely on yoga pants, leggings, and jeans. Skirts and dresses make me feel feminine, and I find myself acting more feminine when I don’t wear pants.


I’m still toying with a couple ideas for this particular component of Lent. The front-runner is to give in a happier mood, to my family! Touching on my theme of marriages this month, perhaps for Lent I can focus on giving to my spouse – cheerfully and excitedly giving him the gift of my time, attention, and intentional acts of service.

Family Goals

With my son being four, and my daughter being one, I’m not interested in enforcing spiritually enhancing  activities with them yet. In years to come, they will be required to Pray, Fast, and Give, and I would rather they understand the reason behind it, rather than just because I told them. So, the family gets a pass this year!

Brainstorming Ideas

What, dear readers, are your plans for a spiritually renewing Lent? How will you PFG?

If you are searching for ideas ideas for yourself or your family, head over to the February installment of the CWBN Blog Hop for further insight from other fantastic bloggers.

I pray we all have a Prayerful, Fasting-filled, Giving Lenten journey this 2017!

26 thoughts on “The Big PFG: How I Plan to Lent

  1. I like the idea of fasting from pants. Before I was Catholic I wore skirts all the time (I didn’t even own any pants, save one pair of yoga pants for working out), but since our conversion I’ve gotten completely hooked on jeans. It would be interesting to go back for Lent.

    1. I do have to say I will be working out on pants or shorts, but everything else is skirts for the win! It’s just something simple, that isn’t already covered by the Nineveh 90!

  2. I so admire you for doing the Ninevah 90! It really covers it all for Lent, too … Blessings on your Lenten journey!

  3. I’m right there with you, hesitant in adding new things since N90 is already so intense. We’ll be adding in our normal family traditions, but other than that, my Lent plans will be a continuation of N90. God bless you, dear!!!

  4. I love the idea of fasting from pants too. Hmmm.
    I am struggling with traditions this year because our youngest is 13 and he’s not into the little kid stuff. There is little for Teen Interest. Sigh.
    In the end, God will provide guidance.
    Blessings and I really enjoyed your post.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      Since ours are still so little, I have to admit I been remiss about putting traditions in place. But, you are so correct – in the end, God *will* provide!

    1. The more I consider this, the more I worry about this commitment – I love my pants right now!! But, perhaps that is why this is a perfect idea…!

  5. Fasting from pants 😀 I love how you put things, Anni!

    God bless you for doing the Nineveh 90. That’s a tall order.

    1. God and I have real, one-sided conversations. I am noticing when I start to need some “time off,” it works to use that time to just listen to Him.

      I just wish He were clearer for me to understand at times… 🤔😂

    1. Thank you! The challenge is definitely intense!

      I look forward to having my children participate in future Lents, but just know they need to be ready to do so – definitely not when they are so little!

  6. I love the concept that giving can be something that’s not tangible like a good mood rather than a thing. That’s so beautiful! Ditto to fasting. I’ve actually been thinking about dressing a little more feminine lately so I get where you’re coming from completely on fasting from pants.

  7. I think you need to write a post about your fast and call it “pants free Lent.” I bet it would go viral. 😉 That Nineveh 90 thing sound very demanding. I will look forward to reading how it was for you.

  8. Best wishes as you have begun your Lenten journey! I love how God works once you mention you’re up to listening he really does deliver!

    I wonder with your kids, if Lent could be a time of doing more. My parents didn’t make us sacrifice at a young age but we had to have WWJD moments. It could be sharing more often, helping more often etc.

    As an adult that foundation helped me transition away from giving up candy to giving up being distracted so I am more present.

    1. That is a great idea about the kids! The only thing I might say is I am not entirely sure they’ll *get* the concept (well, definitely not the 1 year old), and my 4 year old and I already do a version of WWJD, based on a book that encourages kids to do what will make God smile. But, I am trying to think of a way to make Lent fruitful for him! I saw, on this specific blog hop, a Bean Jar idea, which I have fallen in love with – I am considering tailoring it to our son, and on Easter, the beans will change into peanut M&M’s (since my son and husband dislike jelly beans)…

      Thanks for your idea!

  9. The challenge sounds wonderful…and hard!

    When you said “fasting from pants” I totally thought (as I sit here in my nightdress), “I fast from pants all the time!” It made me think about all the extra trouble it seems to be to put on a dress. I think that’s a great fast. Also, for people who have been thinking about veiling but are afraid of the questions and attention, Lent might be a good time to suffer through it and give veiling a try.

  10. Wow this all sounds very intense. Good for you. I am focusing on doing a holy hour once a week, saying the chaplet daily at 3, going to stations on Fridays and giving up certain drinks and habits.

    1. That is all fantastic!! The N90 I am doing is literally a day-to-day venture… some days are definitely better than others!

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