A St. Patrick’s Day Book Review in My Sunday Best

Last Sunday was a doozy. This week, although we still had a screecher in our pew and a reticent preschooler in tow, Mass attendance was a little more successful, and slightly more enlightening.

Let’s jump in to My Sunday Best shall we?

First off, the night before Ash Wednesday, I threw in one new concept for Lent – I was only going to buy groceries or needed items (i.e. diapers, etc.) during Lent.

Imagine my surprise, when I won a skirt from a LuLa Roe (LLR) contest I had forgotten I had entered! I had been reticent to buy a “Cassie” skirt previously, since I wasn’t sure it would meet my modesty requirements – bending over to pick up one of the kids without flashing people behind me. Since I won the skirt, I was willing to give the skirt a try, knowing on the LLR black market, there would be someone willing to take it off my hands if it didn’t work.

I was delighted to find my skepticism was ill placed. According to my dealer LLR consultant, all of LLR’s dresses and skirts meet modesty requirements – and, the same goes with little girls’ dresses as well. While I continue to maintain some skepticism with the cut of some of the dresses for myself, I am definitely now sold on the Cassie. I am also not so secretly hoping someone else doesn’t scoop up the newer inventory Cassie skirts in my size, before Lent is over… I’ve got my eye on a couple more!

Cassie skirt; tank top and black belt from the PX; black sweater from Amazon.

As you can see, Little Miss wanted her mommy when my Sunday best picture was taken. She, herself, is decked out in the LLR dress I bought on a whim the Monday before Ash Wednesday – and, may have been the reason I decided to not purchase anything for the 40 days of Lent (aside from her Easter dress, a little closer to the day). Today, she was sporting her new “Adeline,” in the smallest size it comes. She also wore it a couple days ago, and modeled it better then.


Pretty sure we got our money’s worth – she should be able to wear this size for a couple years at the rate my children grow…

This week is Saint Patrick’s Day! All military members – and, by service extension, their families – have been granted a dispensation from the abstinence of meat on Friday. You can read the letter from Archbishop Broglio here, and keep in mind – if you don’t abstain from meat on Friday, and you are not deployed, you are still obligated to abstain from meat on another day this week.

I’m a little late on a review of the following book. With our family vacation, life got away from me, and I remembered to order the book last weekend. There is still time to order!

**I received the following children’s book and accompanying color book free of charge by Gracewatch Media, in exchange for an honest review of the books. The link to the books on Amazon are affiliate links, and if you purchase from the links provided, I will receive a compensation from Amazon at no cost to you.**

I received Paddy & the Wolves on Thursday, and quickly opened it, excited! My son was resistant to reading the story, for no particular reason. So, I broke it open during lunchtime, when he was a captive audience. I handed him the accompanying coloring book, and encouraged him to follow along.

As a mother, I was immediately struck with the parallel between “fidgety Paddy” during his family prayer time with his mom, and my four year old. The story follows young Paddy (St. Patrick) on a journey with a family friend, who is also a shepherd. In the story, young Paddy wanders away, and finds some exquisite beauty in nature, as well as some creatures we would rather our children not play with on a regular basis! All the while, the story shows how prayer is infused into a young child’s daily life, and how the prayers Paddy’s mother says regularly follow Paddy through his adventures.

The pictures are beautiful, the artistry in the book is superb, and the story line is encouraging. One (of many) excuse my son shared as to why he didn’t want to read the story was, “I don’t like wolves Mom, I only like stories about doggies.” However, by the middle of the story, he was peeking over my shoulder to follow along. At bedtime, he was more amiable to sitting next to me, and following along with the story. Furthermore, in my son’s words, “Coloring is not my favorite idea.” So, I was pleasantly surprised to see one page colored in the coloring book – I’m saving the coloring for the one year old, since she’s more of a coloring kind of kid.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book – it teaches young children to turn to God in moments of need, but also equally encourages mothers to continue praying their Rosaries, praying for their children, and sharing their faith with their families. I would say it is book for all ages – and, there are extra prayers and hands-on activities at the back. There is an added bonus that, while this book is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, it is actually a storyline which can be read throughout the year, meaning it won’t have to be tucked into holiday-specific bins!

I’m hoping to get back to my regularly blogging schedule this week. My time away from regular posting crystalized my priorities – of being a daughter of God, a wife and mother next, and blogger somewhere further down the line. I have become too wrapped up in self-promotion, and I don’t like that kind of blogging – someday I would love to be a speaker, but that’s not my focus right now. So, as a new week approaches, and we begin this second week of Lent, I am curious to insight from my readers – what would you like to hear more about?

Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “A St. Patrick’s Day Book Review in My Sunday Best

  1. Our bishop had granted us dispensation from the abstenince of meat this Friday as well. We have to do another penance if we eateat on friday. I love LLR too!

    1. I am always excited to have dispensations! This year is the first year it has really sunk in that we still need to do something in exchange for the dispensation, though.

  2. Oh Anni, I love to hear what you have to say! To answer your question: I’m a sucker for marriage posts… and faith-filled family life posts. I’m glad you took a little break to get yourself back on track, and looking forward to reading more from you coming soon! And I have to stop reading your lovely LuLaRoe posts or I’m going to get suckered in haha. It sounds so fun, and I always love the photos I see of LulaRoe outfits!

    1. Thank you so much for giving your input!

      And, I will say – one thing deleted from my LLR talk is that I am only a member of 4 LLR groups, and I have no desire to join any more. I love the skirt, enjoy some of the shirts, and am lukewarm on the leggings. I’m not a devotee, but I do like how I can shop online, instead of dragging kids into stores. And, I think with this skirt, now, I could see myself finally getting an ability to dress more my age (instead of like a teenager with the leggings, a little nicer than yoga pants, or the seasoned mom wardrobe I was in with the rest of my wardrobe) – working on my fashion has been about a 6 month process of trying to figure out my style. Slow going!

    1. Thank you!! It was a surprise skirt – the consultant sent me a great one! If you do try a skirt, I highly recommend the Cassie – classic pencil skirt with a little bit of stretch in the material.

  3. Lovely! You know I love me some Lularoe. 🙂

    As far as topics…how is the Ninevah90 thing going? Have there been any surprises as far as fruits or what’s been challenging?

    1. Hahaha! I have been trying to find my words for the N90… so, that is definitely on my list! It’s quite an interesting journey so far… maybe I should make it a series… 🤔😂

  4. You look great in the skirt! It’s always a nice feeling to find good clothes you feel good in. 😊
    And I was toying with the idea of getting a LLR dress or two for my girls and I think you may have just sold me when you mentioned how long one can get use out of them!

    1. I would definitely recommend trying one of the Adeline’s! I love the way they fit. I know one little girl is growing out of hers rather quickly, but as you can tell with my daughter, she’s petite. So, she will definitely get some good use out of the dress!

  5. Love that Cassie! And the cardigan pairs perfectly with it 😊😊😊 We’ve got a dispensation on Friday also, but aren’t taking it – St. Patrick’s Day has never been a big deal for us, so it seems silly to eat meat when it definitely wouldn’t be corned beef or Irish stew! We ARE having broccoli & cheese soup (since it’s green!), and maybe I’ll get some Kerry gold butter 😜

    1. Haha! I love, love, love corned beef!! But, I told my husband we could always have it Thursday or Saturday. I’m not entirely beholden to St. Patrick’s Day in that sense – we make sure to wear green, though!

      Thanks – I agree the cardigan paired perfectly. I was excited to see the whole look come together!

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