Easter Musings in My Sunday Best

One hundred years ago this year, three young children received visions of the Blessed Virgin in Fatima, Portugal. Her appearance was preceded by an angel, who taught the children the following prayer. Bowing so low that its head touched the ground, the angel taught these children to recite this prayer three times in a row.

Believe, Adore, Hope Fatima Angel Prayer

I have struggled to write an Easter Sunday post, simply because the words did not want to come. Yet, earlier this past week, I was brought back to the beauty and words of this prayer, and it seemed to say everything needed to say today.

Christians throughout the world will celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection today. We will profess belief that He rose from the dead and fulfilled Scripture.

Too often, we celebrate and then go about our week ahead. Yet, Easter isn’t just a one-day celebration, to be forgotten as we settle back into our lives on Monday, or the coming days.

Easter Sunday celebrations don’t account for the days outside of Sunday.

It doesn’t account for our celebrating as we re-enter our weekly routines, filled with schedules, appointments, work, and normal run of the mill expectations in our lives.

If we truly believe Christ has risen, then we must remember His sacrifice and His triumph over death… every. single. day.

And, we must act accordingly.

Our actions must reflect our belief in Jesus as the Son of God, His Crucifixion and His Resurrection.

Our actions must reflect the adoration to whom only One is deserving – God.

Our actions must reflect the hope we have – for the forgiveness of our sins, and His Divine Mercy, and life after death.

Our actions must reflect the love we have for God – as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is Risen – He has conquered death for our sins, and the sins of the whole world!

He is amazing.

He loves us.

He wants us to invite Him into our lives.

He wants us to believe, adore, hope, and love Him.

So, join me in celebrating Christ’s Resurrection today…

…and every day!

I’m linking up for My Sunday Best at A Blog for My Mom – showcasing ladies’ Sunday best every week for Mass! This entire outfit was a closet find – it has not seen the light of day for the past three years…!
The beauty of the Catholic Church’s liturgical season is that the Church recognizes Easter as a full season – the first eight days are devoted to pure celebration… of Christ’s Resurrection, but also His Divine Mercy! The Easter season actually extends into June this year. Which is beautiful.

12 thoughts on “Easter Musings in My Sunday Best

  1. Looking gorgeous this Easter Sunday morning! Happy Easter, and thank you for sharing once again. ILY

  2. Love that dress, Anni! And we’re trying hard to live Easter every day during the season – it’s tricky with the two-year-old who likes to shout, “No, Jesus DIDN’T rose from da dead!!!” but… We’ll get there 😂

    1. Haha! I’ve decided we’ll most likely celebrate daily through Divine Mercy Sunday, and then I will go back to N90. And, thank you!! I wish I could remember where I got it, and had gotten more – ’cause the flair of the skirt is one of those “twirly skirts” that I miss from being a little kid… 😉😂

  3. Today the kids asked how long Easter is. When we told them that it lasts 50 days, they were pretty pumped. 50 days of celebrating!!!

    You look ready for a warm spring Easter in that lovely blue dress. Happy Easter!!!

    1. Happy Easter to you and your family, Alicia! And, I am so stoked for warm weather… I’m ready!! Then again, lower 60’s is usually too cold for me – another reason I loved Hawaii so much!

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