The Road to Emmaus in My Sunday Best

I have been known to be a little emotional at times during my life. If you grew up with, or had children who watched, the original Anne of Green Gables starring Megan Follows, then you get the gist of my emotional tendencies. “Anne” was my kindred spirit.

I once confided in a clinician that I could vividly recall the moment I stopped being emotional – it was when I confirmed my first pregnancy. Looking back, it was as though in the moment of reading the test, I needed to approach motherhood with a sense of purpose, determination, and pragmatism. Since that day, I can count the number of times I have cried on both hands – and, none of them have centered around parenting at all (and, just so other mothers know, I did not cry when I gave birth to either of my children… I’ve read it’s not uncommon for there to be dry eyes, but Hollywood would have birth stories depicted in a different light).

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, while sitting in church, fighting an overwhelming urge to just want to cry – to let it all out. Sitting there, singing the song for the Collection of Gifts, I just wanted to sob…


Coming off an intensely powerful homily about the deacon’s personal “Road to Emmaus,” and the meaning of this story included in the Bible, I was shocked to find my emotions rearing their head. Even a day later, reading the first verse of this song, I find my emotions rising.

For some reason, I feel the “two bound for Emmaus…”

I feel their pain, their unhappiness, their despair, their hopelessness.

I feel their sadness.

Like last week’s passage about Thomas, I feel as though we can all be these disciples – wandering around listless and lost in our grief. They are in so much pain, and yet, still going about their business.

Furthermore, my emotional response peaked when we hit, “Love unknown then walked beside them, come back from the dead…”

Jesus is Love.

So intense was their grief, they couldn’t see Love, until He opened their eyes.

That they were unable to recognize Him, partly because God reveals Himself to all in His own time, was a powerful realization.

How often are we unable to recognize love in our lives? How often are we unable to recognize God’s Hand in our lives? How often are we unable to be love to others in our lives?

And yet, Love revealed Himself – and continues to reveal Himself – to them, and to us, upon the breaking of the bread.

He reminded them He is Love.

He reminded them of His promises.

The emotions regarding this Gospel reading are still pretty fresh and raw, for reasons I’m still dissecting.

But, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to link up with Rosie’s weekly My Sunday Best series over at A Blog for My Mom.

In the midst of shopping my wardrobe, now that my weight is back to Hawaii-days, and the weather is slightly reminiscent of Hawaii. The perk of being a military family? Having enough clothes on hand to shop your wardrobe as you move up and down in sizes, and in and out of climates. The newest thing I wore yesterday was the cardigan (linked to in last week’s My Sunday Best), which is well over a year old now).

As I continue analyzing the Road to Emmaus, and its current application to my life, I will be reflecting this week upon my own road… my own faith journey… and ways I can encounter Christ more, and be Christ to others.

Finally, I will be searching – for ways He reveals Himself to me throughout my week.

I encourage my readers to also seek for the smaller ways He is revealing Himself as we enter this new week, still celebrating in the Easter season!


4 thoughts on “The Road to Emmaus in My Sunday Best

  1. You’re looking great, Anni! I’m also focusing on looking for ways God reveals Himself to me, and make myself more present to Him. Awesomeness!!!

  2. I never even thought about how many different wardrobes you must need when you’re moving from climate to climate! Must make it fun when you get to pull out everything you’ve been missing for so many years 😊

    1. Oh! It definitely is fun to wardrobe shop!! I found a t-shirt the other day which was brand new, right before I started showing with my son. I’m so excited to get it washed and wear it again! It’s been worn maybe a handful of times, but is a nice casual shirt that can be easily paired with some of my casual skirts!

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