The Gratitude Project in My Saturday/Sunday Best

I recently wrote about how I struggle to give gratitude, and it is a skill I am working on honing. I also shared the wisdom of our family’s chaplain – a Catholic priest serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Gratitude Pray-er

The point of our chaplain’s encouragement is to say thank you to God for all things… it doesn’t matter how mundane… we are just encouraged to give thanks.

Since that discussion, I have attempted to stop and intentionally say thank you to God during my day. Not for the routine things – like my family or our health. Instead, I have focused on finding the smaller gifts, and trying to recognize them a little more… as the chaplain said, the shoes on my feet, the bed I sleep in every night, the car we drive, etc.

A couple days ago, I realized that this intentionality could be a perfect stepping stone to a blogging project. Therefore, I am spearheading a project I have decided to call


Every week, most likely the end of the week, I will write a post on finding gratitude in the little moments of the day – perhaps gratitude for the gift of coffee, or caffeine, or chocolate. Perhaps it will be the gift of running water, potable water, or the ability to wash clothes in a washing machine.

I struggle to identify the little blessings in my life.

I struggle to give thanks for those little blessings.

And, I’m calling upon you, dear readers and fellow bloggers, to join me in giving thanks for the small blessings in our lives – the ones so easy to overlook.

I am calling on all of us to be intentional in recognizing, identifying, and giving thanks for the little moments and conveniences in our lives.

Because we are all blessed in this world.

Even in the midst of struggle and grief, there is a silver lining. It may take some creativity to discover what there is for which to be thankful, but there is always something! My fervent desire is that by being able to identify small blessings in our own lives, we can help others who may be struggling, to identify small blessings in their lives.

So, today, in My Sunday Best post, with Rosie at A Blog for My Mom, I am encouraging all of us to take a moment – to give thanks, and to consider joining me in this topic challenge!

The picture on the left, with the nursing tank-top and jean capris are what I wore to Mass on Saturday evening. Our final Catholic Women of the Chapel meeting was today, and we had to set up the venue after the Saturday evening Mass. So, I went to Mass in “lifting tables and placing chairs” attire. The dress on the right is what I wore today – my Calvin Klein frock most recently worn this past Easter, and rocking silver heels, since I was sans kids while attending my meeting!

Let me know if you take me up on The Gratitude Project – to post articles about giving thanks for the small blessings in our lives. You can link back here, or leave your own article link in the comments, or simply leave your gratitude moments in the comments of my gratitude posts. You can use the image stamp for “The Gratitude Project.” You can do as I plan and post something weekly – or, just post once. You don’t have to write a blog post, but instead can link up on social media, using the hashtag #bctgp.

Let’s just start a conversation on the various, little ways, we should be prompted to express our gratitude!

43 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project in My Saturday/Sunday Best

  1. Same, here. I always notice how grateful I am (or more like how not so mcuh) when we go to visit Mexico and see first hand all things I do have. Just as simple as a driving though bank teller, oh how grateful I am for that!

    1. That’s what got me thinking of this… I hate repeating myself, and doing my usual “family, health, roof over my head,” just didn’t feel as though it was cutting muster anymore. So, I wanted to invite others to do this with me!

      1. So fun story: I was looking through my schedule to see what post I’m sharing on Thursday. It is actually a post on gratitude. I’ll add a plug for your challenge on it. 🙂

      2. Haha! Great to see someone else adding gratitude to their blogging calendar. Thanks for adding a plug!

  2. I love how honest you are about your spirituality. What a great idea, to intentionally look for things to be grateful for! Should be a fun blog series to follow along with 🙂 And I’m digging your logo for the Gratitude Project.

    1. Thank you!! I hope you’ll consider joining in sometime… this is a project I intend to cultivate for a while! 🤗

      1. Sounded like a longterm project!!! I don’t post more than once a week, so I couldn’t do it weekly, but I’d love to join from time to time! It will be a great topic to take with me to Adoration and pray about!!

      2. Nobody else has to do it weekly!! Just let me know when you do join in, so I can show support and enthusiasm… it can even be added to IG posts (use the hashtag), instead of doing a full blog! The hope is just to be intentional about giving thanks – by searching, or not searching too far, for our opportunities to give God gratitude during our day!

  3. Love your call to action! Let’s see, today I’m grateful that we found the missing library book 😉 And I’m grateful that when the 2yo had an accident, it was on the kitchen floor instead of the rug!! So much to be grateful for 😊😊😊

  4. Boy did I need to read this today. One of those days where the endless stream of small annoyances has left me sniping at my children like a harpy by 3pm. Thanks for the reminder that there are innumerable more small beautiful things to be grateful for than annoyed at, as long as you’re looking for them.

    1. I am thrilled this reached you at the moment you needed! You’re most welcome, and I hope you will join me in being more intentional in searching for those little moments. 🙂

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