The Gratitude Project: Week Three

Part of the reason I decided to establish The Gratitude Project is because I firmly believe we can do “no small things with great love,” if we aren’t able to find gratitude in the small things.

The small moments of a day, for which we should be grateful, will ultimately lead to us finding small moments where we can act with great love! 

But, it takes great effort to be on the lookout, and to identify small moments for thankfulness. And, I have been so excited to see some fantastic bloggers join in on The Gratitude Project – whether once a week through their own blog, or a couple times through social media! The point of this entire project is to make each of us – whether bloggers or readers – more intentional at recognizing those little moments.

This week has been a doozy! With Vacation Bible School (VBS) taking up three hours a day for my oldest, I have been scurrying more than I have probably since we moved here. Throw in a couple epic meltdowns from him, and I was ready to throw in the towel by mid-week.

But, I’m a mom. I can’t do that!

And, I’m stubborn. I don’t want to throw in the towel!

Each day began new and fresh, even if my son didn’t get the memo.



Every single time I reflected upon The Gratitude Project and this week’s post, the exact same word kept coming to mind:


I listen to a lot of music. Throughout my life, I’ve had my Country phases, and had my Oldies, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz phases. I even had my Rap phase, and still have an appreciation for “good” rap (I’m talking quality talent, not necessarily speaking of the content of the songs).

Given the messages of my blog, I doubt anyone will be surprised that, in the past two years, I’ve begun listening to a lot of Contemporary Christian.

So, we listen to either toddler songs, or Christian ones.

This week, my son was given a CD of Christian songs while at VBS. The day he received it (Monday), he proudly asked me, “Mommy, can you listen to my music?” I immediately put it in the CD player. While we listened to the inaugural play of this CD on our drive home from his first day of VBS, watching my son bob his head in the rearview mirror, he asked, “Mommy, can you sing the words to my songs?”

I assured him I would do everything in my power to learn “his” songs.

And, I have tried. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night singing various songs of his, so I think I’m making decent headway.

Throughout the week, even as his mood shifted and changed, or I reacted to my own stressors, the one thing that brought us closely together every. time was music…

More specifically, his music.

It seemed to center him, most likely calmed myself, and it brought us together. It is such a small part of our daily lives… something I would normally overlook. And yet, in our family, music has such a huge, and positive impact!

St. Jerome Music Quote

Which made me grateful this week.

How about you – what little moment of gratitude did you find this week? Let me know in the comments, or connect with me via Facebook or Instagram – and, don’t forget to #bctgp so I don’t miss it!

Until next week, dear reader…


8 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project: Week Three

  1. Looking outside my windows in the country, I am grateful for the sudden burst of spring- everything is green, and a bright brilliant green. The purple lilacs are in bloom that add a beautiful color to the green around them. Soon everything in the fields will be brown as the crops get ready for harvest and the wild grasses dry out. But for today…it is a beautiful day. (and all the kids are still in school!!!!).

  2. My ‘Facebook’ time is pretty much limited to a twice-a-week check, so I’ll add a “little moment of gratitude” here.

    Two, or three, depending on how I count them: the view out the window by my desk, and the spring/early summer birdsongs. The view now includes green grass, and a flagpole set up by new neighbors across the street. None of those, now that I think of it, are really “little.” Oh, well.

    1. Haha! But they are “little moments,” that you steal out of the window. Those are great!

      And, more power to you for keeping FB for twice-a-week. I have a love-hate relationship with that platform right now! 😂

      Always feel free to add your “little moments” here, though!

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