Thoughts on Love in My Sunday Best

Today in church, we were reminded that God is love. And, where I already detailed more of my thoughts on Instagram today, I really wanted to focus today’s My Sunday Best post on a thought which began crystalizing for me around the time of the Consecration.

But first, here’s My Sunday Best for today:

Purple LuLa Roe “Nicole” dress; heels I discussed last week. What you can’t see in this picture are the earrings and matching necklace made by my grandmother, and the blue toenail polish on my feet – because my son chose the color, and, “Blue is my favorite color, Mommy!” Thankfully, I talked him into sparkly blue…

Usually, I have the bedroom and bathroom to myself as I get ready for church on Sundays; only after I am ready do I then begin to wake the kids up. This morning, however, Lil’ Miss decided she wanted to get up at the same time as her mom. So, my husband entertained her with the movie “Storks” while I had my shower. Then, all keep-her-entertained bets were off while I got dressed. Which meant she kept herself entertained with her new “toys” in my bathroom – my jewelry and makeup.

My son and husband buried themselves deeply into one of the coloring books during Mass today – coloring about Noah and his ark, rather than Moses and the 10 Commandments. But, they were both our son was quiet (my husband is always quiet), so Mass was a win on that front. Lil’ Miss, who had fallen asleep on the way to church, stayed sleeping into the homily – which meant I got to pay attention to the majority of the readings today… something which is quite rare these days.

And, during the Consecration, I was reminded of something I have been thinking of deeply for a couple weeks now…

If God is Love, and I am called to act as Christ, then I am called to love. As a wife and a mother, I am called to love my husband and children, and not just love through the motions – doing dishes, cooking meals, doing the laundry. But, I am called to show them that I love them.

My husband and each one of my children will feel love differently. And, I am challenged, by serving my family as Christ served the Church, to meet the way they individually feel loved.

God did not complain when His Son was killed for us. He did not complain when He descended upon the disciples as tongues of fire (a.k.a the Holy Spirit).

And, the challenge then becomes to recognize moments where I can emulate God as love to my family, and not complaining about that process of showing love to my family… to take care of them without complaint, to do chores for them without complaint, to just be without complaint.

So, join me this week in contemplating how God is love, and how you can best serve your family, as a shining example of God as love!

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Love in My Sunday Best

  1. Ooooh, emulating God as love! That’s a great description of how to approach my vocation. Love these thoughts!

  2. The Nicole dress is my favorite Lularoe item. You look lovely in that shade of blue.
    I enjoyed reading this. I wish someone would have told my husband and me when we got married over 20 years ago that we should work on showing each other love in a way that the other feels loved. It would have made those early years a little less rocky. Although, we were young and thought we already knew everything, so we probably wouldn’t have listened anyway. Thankfully, we had our faith. That kept us plugging along until we figured out that we needed to tailor the way we expressed our love so that our spouse felt loved.

    1. Thank you!!

      I will say we were blessed – we went on a post-deployment marriage retreat just a couple years into our marriage, where we were introduced to the Love Languages. What I didn’t know at the time, though, is that the languages can shift and change over the course of time, so I have had to remember to have us take the quiz every couple years. I love that your faith kept you two in tune and connected until you’d learned the idiosyncrasies of love!

  3. Love that dress! And such a good reminder to show love in all things… I definitely struggle with that throughout the day!

  4. Good thoughts. God sets a *very* high standard.

    About practical expressions of love: I think I understand what you meant, and agree. I think it’s also good to remember that “the motions” have value as expressions, too. That’s something I’m (gradually) learning.

    1. You are so correct! My friend pointed out “going through the motions,” is a way of expressing love. Only my husband, however, has Acts of Service as his love language though… so, I see the “motions” as chores! 😂

      And, so true – God definitely *does* set a high standard!

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