The Gratitude Project: Week Six

I’ve had a great week up to this point, but I’ll be honest – I’ve been struggling with inspiration to blog. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t link up with Rosie for her My Sunday Best series… partly, because I didn’t remember to take a picture until I had already changed out of my clothes, and partly because I was not feeling inspired to write about my Sunday musings any more than I did on my Instagram post on Sunday night.

However, although I have struggled to find words for the many thoughts swirling in my head, and while I have been working through this funk I am in, I have still diligently been on the search for little moments for my Gratitude Project.


I already identified two moments earlier this week on Instagram… one dealing with faith-based content (Holy Water), and the other from observing pure joy on Little Miss’ face as she was introduced to the fun of sprinklers in the midst of summer heat. I have noticed, while undertaking this project, that when I am intentional about finding a moment here and there every. day, the moments become more apparent. And, I find I am pausing a little more frequently to relish in the grateful moments. I recently read in Matthew Kelly’s book, Resisting Happiness, that this is not an uncommon experience.

The challenge we face in finding gratitude is taking the moment to get into a habit of recognizing our little moments… 

The moments that make us smile…

The moments our plans go smoothly…

The moments where we can step back and say “thank You, God!”

This week, although I have been struggling with blogging and words, and keeping up with other bloggers and their writings, I have still been looking out for those little moments.

And, this week’s Gratitude Project is being thankful for the internet. Just like anything, the internet can be used for good purposes, or for nefarious reasons. I strive to use mine for good, although sometimes, social media sucks me in to using it for far more than useful purposes.

However, without the internet, I wouldn’t have information on hand 24/7, and I wouldn’t be able to quickly look up answers every moment of the day to questions posed to me by small children… specifically, “Mommy, there aren’t blue frogs, are there?” (The answer: yes, there are… they are poisonous, but beautiful!)

I miss the days of Encyclopedia Brittanica lining the bookshelves of homes. And, I am nostalgic for National Geographic and Readers’ Digest being delivered to the mailbox on a monthly (or twice a month) basis.

But, I am grateful for the internet – for all the problems that can come with it, the internet can also be used to connect us with each other, and to information, more often than not.

What about you? For what are you grateful for this week?

Until next week, dear reader…

8 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project: Week Six

    1. I always thought I would have the really fancy, gold lined ones in my home… then, the internet killed the encyclopedia stars! 😂

      And, I think a few movers would take a look at them and quit on the spot… 😉

    1. Oohh!! I like that first sentence! I can’t say I’m striving for perfection in blogging, as much as I am struggling to determine “where to go from here.” Because of many pots, I am entertaining many options right now, trying to choose the right path… making it difficult to form words.

      Let me know if you ever write a gratitude post! Leave the link in the comments or link back to me – it’s a fun project!

  1. This week, I am grateful that 3 of my 4 kids can buckle themselves into the car. We had a busy week, and I realized how much harder it was to go places when I was the only one capable of buckling. 🙂

    1. That is an amazing accomplishment!! My oldest still needs me to tighten him, but I can definitely appreciate the thought behind this one! Pretty sure it takes me a solid five minutes between getting the kids out and in… every. time. we. get. out.

      Great thing to be grateful for this week!

  2. In the spirit of ‘me, too!’ — I’m grateful for the Internet, and information tech in general. It can be used or misused; like the printing press, bicycles, or anything else we make. Also what you said.

    In my ‘good old days,’ some folks apparently feared that the telephone would bring about the fall of Western civilization. Some of what was said could be paraphrased as ‘kids these days don’t communicate. They just sit for hours, talking on the telephone.’ I don’t particularly miss the ‘good old days.’ My memory’s too good. 😉

    A gratitude-worthy item this week – a psychiatrist I’ve been working with for 11 years is retiring. This week’s was the last routine ‘how’s it going’ session with him, and I think the transition went well. I’m happy for him, too. He’s comparatively young, and taking advantage of one of his private life’s transitions to retire and move to a less inhospitable climate. He’ll also be nearer to family. That is a good thing.

    At home, my wife and #3 daughter are in process of moving me to another corner of the north room. Their idea: and a good one. That’s more ‘anticipated’ than ‘current’ gratitude, I suppose.

    Thanks for these posts. They’re good exercise – and, for me, easier than drilling a new habit into place.

    1. Thank you for the chuckle and I am so glad you enjoy these posts. I’m also happy to hear you are finding moments of gratitude in your week.

      My, how our society continues down a circular path – since “kids these days don’t communicate. They just sit for hours, staring at their telephone.” 😂

      I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and enjoy the move to your new corner! 😊

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