Firecracker Thoughts in My Sunday Best

Today was a great day at Mass. I was able to listen to readings and the homily, and pay attention to the prayers I say during the Consecration. Entirely with the children in the pew beside me.

Or, in Little Miss’ case –

beside me…

…in front of me…

…under me…

…behind me…

…and all around me!

I realized about Little Miss during Mass today, the phrase, “She may be little, but she be fierce,” is her personal motto. And, her personality is that of a firecracker – sizzles with energy, pops loudly at times, and fizzles out with a bang.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our son chose the very first pew in the chapel today, and quickly found some Lego men he’d hidden in the “Mass bag,” during Adoration this past week. To stave off any difficult behavior, we let him have his two Lego men, and he proceeded to at least stand, kneel, and look in the generally accurate direction during Mass.

Little Miss, given the front pew status, spent the majority of Mass waving at the people sitting behind us, playing hide and seek when they would acknowledge her existence, and climbing on the front of the kneeler to pull herself up to see what was going on at the altar.

Shortly before the Consecration, she looked at the large Crucifix in front of us, ooh’d, and then announced, “Get down!” Apparently, she already recognizes that Christ is supposed to get down from the Cross… the rest of the theological lessons can wait until she gets older!

As Little Miss ran from my high-heeled self before Mass, giggling as I chased her, and repeated the exercise after Mass several times, I realized she is a little firecracker. I found it fitting she was decked out in her red-white-‘n-blue finest…

Between she and her brother, I will be aged in no time.

I’m not writing that to complain. I’m writing it as a statement of fact.

And, I’m writing it because it makes me smile.

Frankly, my children make me smile.

Even on the roughest days, when I truly take a moment to stop and remember their young ages, and how this world is so brand new to them, I am reminded at how innocent, loving, and full of life they are.

So, while everyone else celebrates fireworks this Tuesday for Independence Day, we will be celebrating fireworks in another way. My family will be celebrating our family’s birthday tomorrow, and we will be celebrating the firecrackers that are our children.

Here is My Sunday Best today, featuring the most patriotic skirt I own – a Cassie by LuLa Roe. These pictures also show some of Little Miss’ patriotic wear – a spectacular find at a local consignment store! All pieces of this Sunday Best have been discussed previously. Don’t miss others’ thoughts on their Sunday Best by heading over to Rosie’s at A Blog for My Mom!

And, if you are interested in the deeper theological thoughts I took away from Mass today, head on over to my Instagram post today to read more about my thoughts on patriotism, faith, and living a Christ-centered life.

May we all recognize the firecrackers – literal and figurative – in our lives this week, and may we all strive to be transformed by living a Christ-centered life!


10 thoughts on “Firecracker Thoughts in My Sunday Best

  1. You and your little firecracker look perfect for the holiday. 🙂

  2. I love it! You recognize their personalities and how to let them be who they are. And they are going to make you a happy, happy mom.

  3. I love the theology of babies! It often wows me. Your little girlie is too sweet! Good move, letting your son have his legos. I probably would’ve have lost that battle and regretted it later. Still working on my fireworks idea for the week, I’m determined to get in on the photo challenge at least once!

    1. I feel as though too often I lose the battle of “no toys,” since he frequently participates a little better if he has something to “teach” during Mass. But, this week, we both won! 😂

      And, thanks – Little Miss is both a handful, but a sweetie. 😊

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