The Gratitude Project: Week Nine

Parents have a hard job. Often times, it is a thankless one, until the children grow up and have their own – then, they find their way back to their parents, apologizing for their child shenanigans.

Then, some parents, also choose to add to their chaos by having not just human children, but furry children. I once worked for a boss who–upon realizing she was the only non-dog person in our section of ten employees–surmised, “I was once told that dogs don’t have personalities. But, after listening to you trade stories, I’m beginning to think that’s wrong.”

All too-often, I have a tendency to see my dogs as an annoyance. They are one more noise, one more cuddle, one more distraction in a day already filled with lots of noise and activity. As a result, many days, I spend more time playing disciplinarian and referee, rather than cuddling and babying.

Which brings me to this week’s gratitude post.


Every so often, I am reminded of the true nature of my dogs. Their personalities are as different as their physical looks. And, I am so grateful for my girls today.

As aggravated as I get on a day to day basis, I can’t imagine my days without them. 

Just like my children, my dogs help complete our family.

I appreciate how they keep me on my toes, how they provide me with unconditional love and acceptance, and how they keep track of their pack.

My Shepherd, on several occasions, has warned me of impending medical issues (cue my story of pre-eclampsia), and keeps strangers from approaching us with her big, bad bark. Our Husky/Lab, who seems to have more in-common with cats that other dogs, provides a much-needed stress reduction, just by watching her lounge.  Or better yet, imagine the the fun when my 70-pound wannabe “cat” tries to wend her way through my legs, trolling for a scratch down the back and sides.

And, both of them have provided my children with such love – as an opportunity to give it, as well as an opportunity to receive it.

This week’s post is short, but my fur-babies are wonderful. And, I am most grateful for them this week.

What about you? For what are you most grateful this week?

Until next week, dear reader…

8 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project: Week Nine

  1. I am grateful for my Duffy. She is my furry protector, my friend, my shadow, and my joy. She is now very sick but still wags her tails in a circle when she’s gets excited to see me. She smiles when I speak to her. Her fierce bark belies her friendly and loving spirit. I will miss her when she has to be put down. In spite of her illness, she remains even tempered. She trusts me, and I trust her. She is one a kind. I am grateful for having her in my life.

  2. I’ll pick what happened this afternoon – Sunday. #1 daughter came for a stay of several days. It’ll be a distraction, but also – I trust – good times. We enjoy talking. The trick is knowing when to stop and get tasks done.

    1. That sounds like a great thing for which to be thankful this week! Enjoy the time together, even if you have to be productive occasionally. 🤗

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