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Not too long ago, I stopped blogging at my previous interval of a new post every three to five days a week. Instead, I have been concentrating on doing two posts each week for the past month – My Sunday Best series with Rosie Hill, and The Gratitude Project with… myself, all without any word to my readers!

So, today, allow me to showcase a couple more places where you can read my musings, on other sites.

Recently, I took on the role of an Inkslinger for Catholic Sistas. Below are a couple excerpts and the links to full articles I posted through the Sistas, showcasing two of my faith-based writings in the past couple months! My favorite piece in a long time has been the Trolls piece – which is not so much Catholic based, as it is Christian-based. So, even if you are not Catholic, I highly encourage you check out the piece! For those articles on Catholic Sistas, you can simply click on the picture to head to the full article.

Finding God in Trolls

This is strikingly similar to living a life with God. For, as Jesus instructs in Matthew 19:26:
For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.
Struggle as we might in this life, living a life with God in our sights allows us to maintain hope that we are not alone, that we will come out the other side intact, and that our suffering in this life is not in vain. As difficult as it may be, living a life with God allows us to find a silver lining in our experiences.

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By Faith......with Hope...to Love CS

Which means through the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, the challenges and the difficult moments, I am called to love like Christ.
We are all called to love like Christ.
So, my pride is still a little bruised, and I expect that it will take a little time to heal.
But, my perspective has changed, and I am finding clarity and strength in knowing that I am choosing to live…

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The next two articles were written for a secular production, known as Her View From Home. While not a regular contributing blogger, I have been excited to see a couple of my pieces in print for their site. With those pieces, I stretched beyond my faith-based posts in an effort to reach any person who needs to hear the words I have written. One of the pieces, about anxiety, was also outside of my normal topics, and was a pretty raw piece – but, it is writing I am proud of, and would love to share with you as my loyal followers and readers.

Confessions of an Anxious Mom

I channeled my anxiety to work for me, instead of allowing it to work against me.
Most importantly, I let him go on his own terms. I let him drop my hand and walk away.
I did not allow my anxiety to win.

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Don’t Throw It Away – 5 Tips for a Lasting Marriage

However, every marriage that ends leaves a part of the couple behind. Sometimes, this leaves a lasting impact on just the individuals; other times, the impact is felt on other family members.
For those committed to their marriages, and firmly believing “‘til death do they part,” the peaks and valleys of marriage can feel lonely and isolating, as they see their counterparts readily abandoning this institution for single-hood. It is my hope perhaps these five steps can help another spouse recognize the inherent worth of their union of matrimony.

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I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to on other sites. I am still contributing to Everyday Ediths, and am excited to share my monthly link-ups for the CWBN Blog Hop.

Thank you, as my followers through Beautiful Camouflage, for following my writing here, and elsewhere! I would have difficulty sharing my words if I didn’t have the support of some pretty spectacular readers.

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