The Gratitude Project: Week Ten

Parenting is a never-ending adventure. It requires constant vigilance when one has young children, and an altogether different type of vigilance when your children have grown older. The goal, however, is to get to a place where a parent can become a friend to their children, watching as the next generation raises their own.

For many of us, our parenting adventures include the classics – the small child calling 9-1-1, the late-night rush to the emergency room, or the creative sibling haircut. Which brings me to my Gratitude Project for this week.


Recently, Lil’ Miss has discovered her nasal passages. In the past two weeks, I have picked one cooked carrot, one pebble, and two Legos out of her nose. Although each extraction has been accompanied by a scolding, her apparent pride as she smiles and exclaims, “No, nose!” makes it difficult to maintain a stern face.

Last night, Lil’ Miss managed to lodge a crayon bit up her nose. I’m still trying to figure out just how hard she had to jam it, given that the crayon was so far up there that neither my husband nor I were able to get it out. So, while we were already in our pajamas, we all got to get dressed again and take her in to the hospital, where the doctor required less than 60 seconds to dislodge the chunk of crayon.

Ever the over-achiever, my 18 month old is inserting “nasal foreign body” objects in her nose “early.” Hopefully, she will be past this stage before she is two, let alone six! The offending crayon, sans tip, which the doctor properly disposed of in his garbage receptacle. And, the irony that it was a green crayon shoved up the nose was not lost on a single person! 


As much as I might say I am not grateful for a small child who shoves things in her nose or for green crayons, I recognize the incident for what it was – another right of passage and parenting milestone.

I’m not entirely sure what I am most grateful for today:

the super tiny forceps type objects they used to extricate the crayon;

the fact we have health insurance allowing us to seek emergency services;

the thought that I am grateful for emergency rooms and hospitals in general;

the realization that we are making memories;

or, that I am able to recognize the humor in the entire situation.

Either way, today I am just grateful…

grateful for my life,

grateful for my children,

and grateful for the love our little family has for each other. 

How about you? For what have you been most grateful this week?

Until next week, dear reader…

8 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project: Week Ten

  1. 🙂 Crayon in the nose. That’s one our kids didn’t do. Simply disappearing was more common: and more amusing in hindsight.

    This week’s, for me, was a visit from #1 daughter. She stayed several days, we had chances to talk, this was a good thing.

    1. I will guess it is awesome to be able to visit your adult children… I know I have an appreciation for visiting my parents now that I’m an adult.

      And, you are lucky there were no crayons up your kids’ noses… it was a rough hour (for the 60 seconds with the doctor)! 😂

  2. Ahh! Those nostrils are such great little cubby holes. My niece had a runny nose for over a week, so my sister took her in, suspecting a sinus infection. The doctor pulled out a piece of disgusto corn out of one of her nostrils. My poor sister felt awful for not catching it sooner. But it all turned out okay. So grateful for medical care!!!

    1. Oh, my goodness! Your poor sister! That would be one of my nightmares… this trick is not something our oldest ever did. 😂 But, medical care – definitely something to be grateful for!

  3. How this post reminded me of when my daughter was little. I was doing breakfast dishes and she came in there holding up a blue finger and said, “It bit me.” Of course I thought it was some kind of bug, so I told her to take me into her room and show me. To my horror, she had taken a pair of tweezers and stuck them in a light socket. I could always imagine her saying to herself, “This two sticks will fit in these two holes.” They did perfectly. (This was before the time of plastic covers for them.) I was so thankful she was not electrocuted. You cannot watch them 24/7 but we can always pray, “God will.” Loved the post and God Bless, SR

    1. Oh my goodness!! Your daughter’s Guardian Angel was working overtime that day. Thank you for sharing your experience – and, you are so correct in the prayer!

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