Beauty in the Mess in My Sunday Best

I had no intention of linking up with Rosie over at A Blog for My Mom, or her “My Sunday Best” series this week. However, the longer the week progresses, the more I am itching to write something about Sunday.

Here is what I wore to Mass this past Sunday:


The only thing missing is the black cardigan I’ve worn numerous times. But, the nursing tank is a Motherhood Maternity tank (older than my four year old), and the skirt is about a year younger than my son.

Let me just say, though, antics for Sunday were in rare form – which is why I felt compelled to link up… in the hope that my words provide inspiration for another mama out there.

We got into town around 3:45 AM on Sunday, having spent about a week and a half on a long-overdue visit home to see my family – across the country. Because of the late hour, I decided we wouldn’t try to even consider making our 0900 Mass at our local Catholic chapel on the military installation closest to us. However, I know my children are in rare form for the 5:30 PM Mass at our local civilian church; so, I decided to split the difference, and head to the civilian church for their 12:15 Mass.

In true military fashion, my husband was unable to attend Mass with us, as he was called to work on his first day back. Therefore, I had two tired children, and no helping hands. In a strange church. Which never bodes well.

And, to be honest, I didn’t want to go to Mass this weekend! I don’t know why, and knowing my heart was not desiring attending irks me…

But, being sleep deprived is not as convenient an excuse as I would like to have pretended.

I didn’t listen to the readings this week – I was wrangling a toddler running all over her end of the pew. I didn’t hear the homily this week – halfway through, we had to leave our seat and make our way back to the bathrooms, since a four year old insisted he couldn’t hold it until a later time. My daughter kept trying to steal things out of a diaper bag, while simultaneously holding out her arms to try to hold the “Baby,” sitting directly in front of us. Lil’ Miss provided entertainment for that baby’s older sister, whom I am guessing is around nine years old.

Because the presiding priest was unable to hand out Communion, I gave my son a pass, and didn’t require him to go up for his mandatory weekly exorcism blessing; therefore, he sat in the pew while I carried Lil’ Miss up.

The only thing I got out of Mass this Sunday was Jesus in the Eucharist.

I’m exhausted thinking about Mass. About how my daughter ran all over the pew and gave an imaginary piece of trash to the mom sitting behind us. I’m exhausted thinking about the meltdown that ensued with my son during the closing song. I’m exhausted thinking of the two times Lil’ Miss screeched in defiance to my instructions, echoing her glass-shattering screech throughout the church.

I’m feeling rather defeated – that I dragged my children to Mass singlehandedly, after traveling, with all of us operating under a different time zone, and that I took nothing away from Mass…

Except Jesus.

The purpose behind this post, though, is to shed some light into the world of blogging… into the world of faith… into the world of parenting…

To shed some light into the world of faith-based parenting and blogging.

It’s not always easy to do what has been asked of us. It’s not always sunshine and roses. It isn’t always pretty, nor is it always perfect.

But, I strive to be real in my blogging adventure…

…real in the beauty of life…

…real in the messiness of life. 

So, this weekend was a bust. This week is slowly trudging along. And, I have high hopes this next weekend and its subsequent Mass experiences will be slightly better, as we adjust to being home… as we adjust, once again, into our normal routines.

The goal of this post is to not wallow in the messiness of life.

Instead, it’s to recognize that messiness, and give credit for the beautiful moments…

…to encourage parents to give credit to yourself as a parent, when you feel as though you are failing…

…to give credit to yourself when things don’t go as planned…

…to give credit for moving through the activities you don’t want to do, even when you acknowledge they are good for you.

All. of. us have moments where we don’t want to do things, but know we should. All. of. us have moments where we are not proud of who we are or how we do things.

But, we are all human. We are all subject to get things wrong. We are all bound to be disappointed – in ourselves, in others, or in situations in general.

The challenge is to recognize those moments, accept those messy moments, and find the beauty in learning how to adjust and shift our view so as to “do better next time.”

The beauty in the last couple days – cloudless skies and my loyal fur-baby, watching over her mama.

How will you find beauty in the messiness of your life this week? I’d love to hear in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Beauty in the Mess in My Sunday Best

  1. I’m exhausted for you! 😉 I think it’s so important to show our kids that sometimes you show up even when all the ducks are scattered, the desire is low, and things are going wrong. Sometimes all we can do is show up.

  2. Oh sleep-deprived Mass is so hard! Right there with you. It’s hard enough even when everybody is on their best behavior… I’m glad you shared anyway ❤❤❤

  3. What a wonderful post! And nice outfit! Since we’re primarily at the Mass for Jesus, it’s ok that’s all you took away! Glad you found some beauty.

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