The Gratitude Project: Week Fourteen

Sometimes life gets busy and rushed.

And, if you are an empath like yours truly, life can get heavy. You can feel overwhelmed by the pace and rush of life, but the feelings can compound if you are sensitive to the mood of others around you and the operating tempo of negativity.

Last week, I challenged my readers to do a random act of kindness for a stranger in their midst throughout the week. I hope you will do so this next week, too.

Yet, part of The Gratitude Project was to also help others, as well as myself, identify beauty in the little moments of their day. Like my blog name, to find beauty in the mess of their lives.

Even when we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders.


This past week has been emotionally charged – both personally and on a more professional front. However, that did not excuse me from finding little moments of beauty in the mess.

The moment for which I am most grateful this week cannot be explained in one to two words. Instead, it was an activity I routinely do, but one which really nailed home the beauty in my week.

While sometimes I can get my four year old to share his life secrets while riding in a car, making me recall the best way to get a teen to open up is to drive them around, I have noticed at the end of a class day, all he wants to do is relax.

He doesn’t want to tell me about his day on the ride home – I suspect he just wants to collect his thoughts.

So, this week, I made a concerted effort to not play 20 questions, and instead, allow music to fill the void. The current (constant) request is the Trolls soundtrack. As the strains of “True Colors” filled the air, I heard my son quietly begin singing along, getting louder as the song progressed.

I love hearing him sing this particular song. He puts so much emotion and inflection behind the words.

And, he also likes someone me to fill in where the female character sings.

So, as her lines began, I also joined in.

And, as his sister snored slept, and I drove along, my son and I shared a beautiful moment together…

…in song.

It’s a heart-moment.

It’s a moment to treasure.

It’s a moment to slow down to appreciate the beauty.

It is a moment for which I am most grateful. It served as a reminder that there are times where the weight of life lifts, and the beauty appears on the horizon.

It’s a moment where seeing life through the eyes of a little one, meeting them where they are, reaps untold rewards.

So, this week, be on the lookout for a time to be randomly kind to a stranger, but also for some beauty in the little moments!

What were you most grateful for this week?

Until next week, dear reader…

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