Who Would He Say I Am… in My Sunday Best?

In today’s readings in Matthew 16:15-16, Jesus asks his disciples,

“But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

As we listened to these readings, our Catholic community was celebrating the holy sacrifice of the Mass outside. I really wish I had thought to take pictures before and after Mass, as the weather was perfect.

Driving in to Mass, I knew I was solo-parenting for the experience. And, since it was outside, I knew we’d be a little out of our element. Therefore, I was not above bribing cooperation out of my son. The deal we struck on the drive in to Mass was, if he cooperated during Mass, said his prayers, helped me corral his sister, and was polite, he could earn a milkshake afterward.

I had the smoothest Mass in a long time! Sure, I allowed my son to sit when everyone was standing, and may have tolerated him playing with his sister’s toys, but the point was, he was pretty well behaved. And, as a friend pointed out, “God heard our Prayers of Intention today,” given the volume of my son’s responses!

I’m linking up today with Rosie over at A Blog for My Mom. She’s got a weekly blog link-up, encouraging women to wear their Sunday Best for Mass – whatever it looks like to each of us.

Catholic Women of the Chapel t-shirt ($10); skirt from the clearance rack at the PX ($11).

While listening to the readings and following along during Mass, I began ruminating on the question Jesus asks of Peter. Jesus asks him who Peter says He is – and, Peter responds to the question clearly and emphatically! I would like to think I would reply the same as Peter.

However, the question I pondered was not who I say Jesus is; instead, I began asking myself,

Who would Jesus say I am for Him?

Jesus, of course, would say I am His daughter. He would say I am beloved and beautiful.

But, would Jesus call me one of His disciples?

God knows our hearts – the absolute depths of our desires, our hopes, our struggles, and our successes.

Would He see me striving to be the best wife and mother?

Or, would He see those moments of mediocrity?

Does He recognize the moments of mediocrity, and call me out of such?

And, when He does call me out of those moments, how do I respond? Am I stomping my feet, pitching a tantrum? Or, am I graciously accepting His gentle calls to success as a wife and mother?

Would Jesus know I am a disciple by my actions?

There’s the verse, “They will know we are Christians by our love.”

Am I, as a disciple of Christ, being love to others?

Am I embracing that call to be love?

Am I grudgingly following He and His calls? Or, am I embracing His invitation, gladly welcoming His attempts to transform my life.

We will all have a moment in our lives where we will be called to answer Jesus’ question, “Who do you say that I am?” And, may we all answer the same way Peter does in the Gospel.

Yet, we will also be called to answer for who we are for Him.

Are we paying attention to our thoughts, words, and actions, so as to best answer that question when the time comes?

Who would He say that we are?

14 thoughts on “Who Would He Say I Am… in My Sunday Best?

  1. I think Jesus would say, “You are one of the most beloved daughter’s and friend that I have.” It would surprise me if anything else was said about you????

    Please pray for Texas. (Where I live.) The devastation from hurricane Harvey has been awful. We got ten inches of rain last night and it has been raining all day. Those down towards Houston and past it are in total flood zone. They have lost homes, business, vehicles are floating down the streets, power, water, and food. We need all the prayers we can get, that God will move this thing away from the land, and as it stands right now, it is going to make a second land fall soon. Please keep praying until this thing is over. Many have had tornadoes also. Water is standing at 33 feet in some areas. Thank you and God Bless, SR

    1. I completely forgot to mention I was holding those in TX in my thoughts and prayers. I have family down that way, too, and my family here is definitely praying! So, thank you for reminding me… as I said – I had every intention of closing with that, but completely forgot!

      (And, I did link to another post in this article where I went fully into what I think Jesus would say – written a while ago. I, however, have been contemplating *how* I have been a disciple to Christ… and, what I could do more to be that disciple in my thoughts, words, and actions.)

      1. Mainly Houston. But, a couple other areas as well. And, I am almost certain Ft. Sam/San Antonio was at risk for some possible evacuation, and I know Ft. Hood was under flood watch – where we also have family and friends.

  2. I am a hundred miles out of Houston and they are really having it bad. I do have family there as well and when I called they said it was lots of rain. Houston got 24 inches of rain last night and is still on the rise. Dickinson, (area close to Houston) totally flooded out now. Over 2000 calls for rescue today. Weather said, “Harvey is about to make second land fall in Houston area.” I am really praying for them, as it is rough here, with the continual rain.

    Today when I was watching the weather a pickup was floating behind the guy giving the update. Just totally floating behind him with no one in it.

    Some houses have water half way up their windows and today at Church someone out of Houston said they had six inches of water in their garage.

    San Antonio has really been hit rough also. Do not know so much about Fort Hood.

    People in Houston and the surrounded areas are now getting places in their boats. If you need any updates or questions through the week and cannot get a hold of your family go to my blog and post a question. I will answer it.

    Right now my front yard is flooded but other than that still holding on.

    Praying for you family. God Bless, SR

  3. Our priest challenged us that if we respond like Peter, do we live as if we believe Christ is God. I thought that was a huge challenge and one that you are touching on here.

  4. I love what the wind is doing to your skirt! So fun 🙂

    And I hope (and know!) that Jesus sees the bad along with the good, and perhaps judges us less harshly than we judge ourselves?

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