The Gratitude Project: Week 25

When we lived in Hawaii, every single time I drove from the military installation up to North Shore, I found myself catching my breath at the sight of the sun glancing off the water of the ocean, stretching vastly ahead of me. I once asked a friend who had grown up on the islands if the sight ever got old. She said although she took the scenery for granted during her teenage years, every time she thought about it, the sights took her breath away. She said the scenery never got old.

And, for the two years we spent on the island, the scenes of the sun glinting off the ocean, the waters stretching as far as the eye can see, and the sun peeking from behind clouds made me stare with wonder every day. Occasionally, we’d see rainbows or even double-rainbows; however, the everyday beauty was just as awe-inspiring and powerful as those lesser-frequent natural displays of beauty.

Early in our marriage, I made a comment about the sun rays peeking from behind the clouds, and how I was taught to pray for my grandmother who had passed away – I had been told she was sitting there with Jesus, looking down and smiling at me, and the rays were proof she was watching over me. During the conversation, my husband asked, “What rays? The Jesus rays? We’ve always called them Jesus rays.” So, they have since become known as “Jesus rays” in our family. Jesus rays were visible more days than not on the Hawaiian islands.


This morning, I was driving and found myself catching my breath. The Jesus rays were in full force this morning, finding a way to cut through the trees and shine down on the roadway.

And, I was most grateful for Jesus rays this week.

More importantly, I was grateful for the little ways – the little moments – Jesus sends His signs to us.

God doesn’t force Himself on us. He doesn’t actively insert Himself into our daily lives.

Instead, He offers Himself to us – literally and figuratively – His arms outstretched, awaiting a return in our embrace. He waits patiently for us, and gives us the choice to freely choose His will over ours, and His Love and Mercy over the secular pull of modern society.

Throughout His entire offering to us, He sends us little moments in our daily lives to remind us He is with us. Whether they are in the words of a little child, the love of a pet for their handler, or even in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, He is sending us little words of affirmation and love.

He is reminding us He is with us, willing to take our burdens and pain if only we are willing to allow Him.

He is reminding us He is with us, willing to cheer for us and accompany us on our life’s adventures, if only we are willing to invite Him.

So, this week, as I caught my breath with the Jesus rays, I realized just how amazing He works in sending us little signals.

And, that gratitude sparked comfort and awe in the depth of my soul.

What are you most grateful for this week?

Until next week, dear reader…


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