The Gratitude Project: Week 27

Followers of my blog will notice I kind of have a “thing” going with the topic of gratitude. Specifically, I have a focus on finding the beauty in our everyday life – no matter how small – and then, taking that beauty and thanking our Creator.

I recently wrote an article for, expressing how gratitude isn’t just relegated purely for one day a year. While most Americans filled their bellies on Thanksgiving, and then shopped Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and were encouraged to give of their money on #GivingTuesday, that weekend isn’t the only time to give thanks. In fact, celebrating little moments of gratitude each week, or for more individuals, each day, leads to an increased awareness in the beauty which surrounds us every day.

I purposefully took the week of Thanksgiving off from writing about gratitude. I had every intention of coming back and regaling readers with a funny quip or story, but in true mom-fashion, my children have to come before my blogging. Which has meant, tending to my currently-sick children,  rather than sitting at the computer putting thoughts to the screen. Furthermore, I’ve had an intense amount of volunteer commitments which has kept me hopping – at the expense of housework. So, those moments in which I have to sit down to blog, I have either found myself doing dishes, or sitting semi-comatose trying to regain some mental (and physical) energy.


This week, I was most grateful for two opportunities I have to share with my readers.

A while ago, I wrote about all of us being called to be unsung heroes. One of the Community Outreach Specialists from Personal Creations read my post, was touched by the words, and reached out to me. He wanted to offer my readers a 15% discount at checkout, with no obligation to either myself as a blogger, or to any of my readers. This is not a sponsored post – I am receiving no compensation whatsoever for this post. 

Therefore, I am excited to announce the gift code, good for Personalized Religious Gifts, for my readers! At checkout, simply put in GIFT15 – and, there is no expiration date for that particular gift code. In case you are wondering, my family has purchased from Personal Creations in the past, and we are fans: both of my children have received personalized Easter Bunny baskets from the “Easter Bunny” their first Easter, we have received and then purchased the “God Bless Wrought Iron Cross” for others, and most recently, this past Father’s Day, my husband and son received a “Father/Son” set of personalized ice cream mugs.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I was contacted by a Community Outreach Specialist with Shari’s Berries. Again, this is not a sponsored post – I am receiving no compensation whatsoever for the words I write. This particular Community Outreach Specialist was struck by The Gratitude Project, and wanted to offer my readers an opportunity to take advantage of free printable thank-you cards. I will let her introduction speak for itself below:

Even though Thanksgiving is over, doesn’t mean you should stop giving thanks for what you have. It can be easy to forget to be grateful, especially with Black Friday and other shopping specials that put all the focus on gifts and presents.
This week, so you can keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive, consider sending out one of these 85 different thank you messages from Shari’s Berries to a friend or family member. Whether it’s a close friend or hardworking boss, everyone deserves to be told they are appreciated!
The link to their site’s blog post discussing Thanksgiving is provided at this link. However, the actual cards, as printables, are being provided to my readers as well, by clicking this link.

And, while she doesn’t know I planned to do this, I wanted to put a shout-out to my readers. Last Christmas, family friends sent us some Shari’s Berries. They are a gift I’ve always wanted, but never been willing to pay for, for myself. Let me say, this is a legitimate company, and their chocolate covered strawberries are delicious! My husband doesn’t eat strawberries, so I got to slowly savor the entire package, and let me assure you – if you are ever looking for a gift guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face? Shari’s Berries should be one of your first go-to options!

This week, I am grateful for the two companies I have personally previously found reputable reaching out to me – and, voluntarily offering my readers an opportunity to benefit from the words I put on my screen.

I am grateful for my readers – who continue, week after week, to encourage me to continue with this particular blogging venture. I am grateful for those who read the words and are able to find comfort in what I write. I am grateful for God giving me the gentle nudge to not only spend time in prayer, but then to help me put my words and thoughts to paper.

So, this post was a little late this week. But, I knew I needed to get these particular links to you, as our country begins to prepare for the Christmas Day celebrations.

Happy 1st Sunday of Advent – the week of Hope! My prayer is that you will find hope in the words written in my blog. My prayer is that you will find hope in the coming of our Savior. My prayer is that you will find hope in the world around us, as we begin to journey this season of Advent!

How about you, dear reader?

For what were you most grateful for this past week?

4 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project: Week 27

  1. About writing, obligations, and family: what you said about priorities, and getting them in a good order, makes sense.

    About gratitude, thanks for the reminder. At the moment, seeing #3 daughter ‘on the mend’ after a medical situation is one: so is seeing my wife recovering from helping deal with the situation. This promises to be an – interesting – holiday season, and I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Awww!! I will pray for your family throughout the St. Andrew Christmas Novena – that should (hopefully) get you through most of the holiday season!

      I have had to spend a lot of time reminding myself, and reassuring myself, that my priorities are wife, mother, volunteer, blogger these days – in that order!

    1. This is such a great idea! Giving 10% less in gifts, and putting that money toward world hunger relief organizations – awesome project!

      Thank you for sharing this with me.

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