The Gratitude Project: Weeks 28 & 29

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I haven’t thoroughly thought this post through – but, I have not posted about my Gratitude Project in two weeks. So, something needs to be written!

The past two weeks have kind of been jam packed with action, and things have not slowed down for me. I usually don’t know whether I am coming or going. I honestly don’t remember what I was most grateful for last week, since looking back now, last week was a blur. This week, I’m barely faring better! But, I know what I am most grateful for this week.


For the better part of a month and a half, I developed Reflections of O Antiphons for Military FamiliesThe labor of love took a lot out of me, and is partly the reason for my absence on my blog, aside from my Gratitude Project posts. It was officially released by the Military Council of Catholic Women – Worldwide this past Monday, in time for the O Antiphons beginning on the 17th of this month. As I wrote in the “About” section of the guide,

This guide was written to delve deeper into these timeless antiphons and prayers as we come closer to the coming of our Savior. This particular guide allows MCCW members to spiritually reflect on certain elements of our military culture, and use the O Antiphons to build a staging ground for deeper spiritual rejuvenation as we approach Christmas.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out and pass it along to family or friends you may know who are either military families/friends – or, if you want to join along with focusing specifically on the military community during this Advent season, I invite you to use the reflections!

It’s free!

This week, though, I am most grateful for an answered prayer – not my answered prayer, per se, but an answered prayer for my son. This past summer, he began praying earnestly for a specific thing in his life, and that prayer has been answered.

I couldn’t be more relieved and more excited to see his excitement.

Yesterday was a horrible day. However, I noticed something when I stepped out of the house this morning, corralling children into the car to take my son to school. The sun rays were shining brightly through the clouds, and I stopped a moment on the way around the car to say a quick hello to God – to thank Him for yesterday, acknowledging it could have been a worse day. I took a moment to thank Him for His beauty in my life.

And, I truly believe I remembered to take that moment to smile at the sky and talk with God, purely because of my son’s answered prayer. I truly believe I remembered to take the brief moment because of the joy I have seen my son display the past few days.

I’m not going into the answered prayer in this post – that will be the topic for another day.

However, I am most grateful for my son’s answered prayers this week.

How about you, dear reader?

What are you most grateful for this week?

Until next week, dear reader…


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