Sending Off 2017 in My Sunday Best

Now that I’ve made my big announcement, I can begin linking up again today with Rosie’s My Sunday Best series! It has been so long since I have linked up, simply because I wasn’t ready to announce Baby3 to the blogosphere until after we knew the extent of the power of our oldest’s prayers (aka, whether or not Baby3 was a boy or girl).

Everything I am wearing is courtesy of Motherhood Maternity by way of Macy’s. In fact, most of my maternity clothes are courtesy of Motherhood Maternity, and are more casual than my “regular everyday, every shape clothes.” Which means, I am attending Mass in jeans and/or leggings these days.Everyone knows maternity wear is temporary, so I am attempting to go stylish, chic, and comfortable.

My personal rule of thumb is to ask myself if I would wear what I’m wearing to church, to have a nice dinner out with a general and his family? I can honestly say, in this case, yes. I dined with a group of my husband’s colleagues in leggings and a longer tunic one evening recently. So, today’s outfit passes muster.

The booties are “just” Macy’s – nothing “motherhood” about them – except they are an attempt to become a little more “fashion friendly” by wearing some heels. Which I no doubt will ditch when I’m lugging a carseat around and chasing my toddler come springtime.

Mass is always entertaining with little ones – almost never a dull moment, unless they happen to be asleep during Mass.

Today’s Mass was not exceptionally exciting, which is also a relatively good thing for parents with small children. There were no shoes thrown, and all but one M&M stayed in our general vicinity. So, today’s Mass was a win.

However, it wasn’t without my daughter’s cute-ism for the day:

My daughter has an eagle eye for the happenings of Mass that her brother has never had – she misses nothing, although some days will find her more enthusiastic than others.

During today’s Consecration, Lil’ Miss stood enthralled, watching our chaplain hold the Host high, as she shoved handfuls of M&Ms in her mouth. She then excitedly pointed at our chaplain, grabbed my arm, and exclaimed, “A chip! Look, Mommy, [insert first name of priest] has a chip!”

After Communion, she waved eagerly to our chaplain as his back turned to take the Hosts back to the altar, saying, “Bye-bye, Chips! See you tomorrow!”

There you have it, dear readers – Jesus is not a wafer, or a cookie, or a cracker.

He is a chip!

A holy Chip at that…

I thought the entire conversation was loud, and expected others around us to chuckle with me. Apparently, I was the only one who heard the exchange – so, other parents out there cringing at your kids’ shenanigans, let me assure you – your child was not as loud/disruptive/kid-like as you think they were!

And, try as we might, our daughter insists on calling our chaplain by his first name, rather than “Fr…” She is bound and determined to prove conventional customs of respect and authority are beneath her dignity.

For my thoughts about the Holy Family for Mass today, check out my Instagram post. I am sure more will be written about the Holy Family during 2018 – but, not today.

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How will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight? How will you ring in 2018 tomorrow? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Sending Off 2017 in My Sunday Best

  1. Sweet Ellie!! I enjoyed this post Anni, and your Sunday Best looked really nice—especially the ankle boots—booties. Yay for Macy’s!😊

  2. Ha! How humorous – a chip, a Holy Chip! Her attentiveness and her desire to munch and think about food during Mass remind me of my kids… May God bless your children and many congrats to you as your family is growing! Merry Christmas and a blessed new year! – Alvin, Catholicism FELT

    1. Haha! It’s fun to view the world through our kids’ eyes – and, I’ve found the Mass to be so entertaining when she is processing things.

      And, thank you – our family is thrilled to grow a little larger! My son has declared, though, that, “We can be done now.” 😂

      Merry Christmas, and a blessed 2018 to you and yours!

      1. Thank you so much. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I’m new to WordPress, having transferred my site from another platform. Christmas blessings to you!

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