The Gratitude Project: Week 30

It’s a brand new year, and a brand new time to buckle down and get serious about Gratitude. Since beginning this project, I have to say, I have gotten better about noticing the beauty around me, and more importantly, thanking God for the little moments. As my chaplain advised me, the thanksgiving doesn’t have to be anything big, it just has to be given.

The purpose was, and is, to find things for which to be grateful – sometimes it’s the obvious; other times, it’s something smaller that one typically wouldn’t consider. Furthermore, by blogging through this project, I’m able to (hopefully) encourage my readers to also search for the little beauty in their week, and to remember to stop and give thanks to the One who makes it all possible.

The past two days this week, my allergies have gone haywire, and since I am relegated to sleeping predominantly on my left side (the side recommended for pregnant ladies to sleep on), my right ear hasn’t been able to drain. Enough wax built up in my ear overnight on Wednesday that I spent the better part of Thursday, all of Friday, and most of today (Saturday) with a completely clogged ear.

TheGratitudeProjectSometimes, as a mom with rambunctious, energetic little ones, I get worn down by the constant noise. The screeching, the yelling, the giggling, and the seemingly incessant “Mommy? Mommy? Mommmmeeeee!” I occasionally will pray – both aloud and internally – they will give me five minutes of silence.

Just. five. minutes.

Then, something like being hard of hearing for two days brings me back to reality.

I am grateful for being able to hear.

Being able to hear my children’s laughter and giggles, respond to their questions, and being able to tell by their silence that they are up to something is priceless.

Experiencing the difficulty in hearing, I was also reminded of how I should speak up around those I know who are hard of hearing – mainly the friends I have made at the chapel who are elderly. While I can’t completely understand their hearing loss, I got a taste of it last night when all the background noise was muted at our meeting, and I had to completely focus on the conversation taking place right in front of me.

My ear drained this afternoon, and it felt as though the fog had lifted. I immediately embraced the music playing in the background in the kitchen, and the intense relief of pressure. I embraced my son’s questions – and, the gentle breathing of my daughter, slumbering on the couch.

This month, my blogging friends over at Hail Marry are doing their own gratitude project – if you think of it, snap a picture of what you are grateful for every day this month, and be sure to tag them on Facebook or Twitter, using their hashtag (#GratefulThings2018).

It’s never too late to join my Gratitude Project – all I ask is that you leave a comment below with what you are most grateful for during the previous week! Or, you can always tag me on Facebook or Instagram – or, use the hashtag #bctgp (it stands for Beautiful Camouflage The Gratitude Project) – to share!

I would love to hear what you are most grateful for, as we kick off 2018.

Let me know below, and know I remain perpetually grateful for those who read my blog!

Until next week, dear reader…

15 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project: Week 30

  1. Grateful for heat. It’s bitter cold where we are and every single time I have to step out into the cold, it is a sharp reminder to be grateful to have a warm place to sleep.

    1. You’re most welcome! I didn’t do a post last week, but I know another one is on its way! You are always invited to leave a link to your own Gratitude post, or simply let me know in the comments’ section.

      1. Awww. Thanks Anni for following back. Yes, my blog is all about gratitude. actually, I reblog bloggers posts about this topic or relevant to it. 🙂 <3

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