A Little Mass Success in My Sunday Best

It’s time for another My Sunday Best link-up with Rosie over at A Blog for My Mom!

My husband wasn’t feeling well, so he didn’t attend Mass with us today. That meant, a mom had to pick and choose her battles with the two children. Typically, I would leave one with my husband, and take the other; however, my husband’s traditional sidekick (our son) had CCD directly following Mass. Our daughter would not have allowed her dad to continue to rest, so she was automatically granted a green light to attend Mass.

As we settled into our pew, I was able to take a moment to briefly pray silently to our Guardian Angels that the children, “Participate to their ability, and don’t impede others’ ability to worship.”

Not only did my son sing the praises he knows, and participate in the Prayers of Intention, he also listened partly to our chaplain’s homily – it helps when the chaplain speaks about a man being swallowed by “a really big fish.” For deeper thoughts and reflection on My Mass Takeaway, click over to my Instagram account.

Now, let’s get down to brass tax with this post. Here is what I wore to Mass today!

Jeans courtesy of Motherhood Maternity, because, why not? Can’t see the boots – they are the ones I’ve worn for two weeks’ worth of these posts. Nursing tank that you can’t see is from Motherhood Maternity. The tank-top and the gray sweater was gifted to me by a colleague up in Northern Virginia – she purchased them from the Marine Corps Base Exchange during my last pregnancy. She told me they were on the clearance rack – so, I can’t even begin to guess the possible price. The earrings and necklace were a gift from my husband and son, one of our last weeks in Hawaii. When I want a pop of color, these are more than likely to end up providing what I desire.

Let me be honest – a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do sometimes, just to get out of the door on time. So, when Lil’ Miss woke up this morning, and put her “Princess shoes” on her feet, I wasn’t in the mood to try to negotiate.

Her regular socks and shoes went in the “pack-pack” lunch box we take to Mass. And, she wore her “Princess shoes” until we dropped her brother off at CCD. Also in the lunch box? Trusty M&Ms, which kept her occupied throughout Mass, a spare diaper, a couple rosaries, and her jacket.


My son received this particular Mass Kit for Christmas this year. After trial and error the past couple weeks, this morning I pared down what he took from the kit. I was pleasantly surprised to see him actually following along with the Consecration, while playing with the various pieces from the kit that we took. Because he is five, he’s only allowed one “toy” at Mass – the Mass Kit. He is also only allowed faith-based books and coloring books during Mass.

Adoration is another story.

All in all, Mass with the two kids and “just Mom” was relatively smooth – which means it was a success. Today’s Mass experience was definitely an answered prayer!

And now, I’m wondering – shall I chance it and take them to Adoration with me, next?

Happy Sunday! Don’t forget to check out the musings from Rosie and the other bloggers who link up.

How did Mass (or church) fare with your family this week?

Have a beautiful and blessed week, dear reader…

16 thoughts on “A Little Mass Success in My Sunday Best

  1. I also had the kids with me alone this week at Mass. As we were leaving my husband told my kids please be good for mommy. My boys are usually always good but my 5 year old…that’s another story. To my surprise she was great! I was especially glad because we got to church right before it was starting and the usher sat us in the 4th row. Maybe sitting up close is why she behaved 😉

    1. Oohh!! 9 times out of 10 (read: when we are on time), we are close to the front – if not all the way up front!

      “They” say that is what helps little ones behave better. I say it depends on my kids’ moods! 😂

      Yay for a productive Mass for you!! 🎉🤗

  2. I am glad that Mass went well for you. Mary Rose is showing all of her 15 months these days. I ended up in the back of the church with her from right after the homily until the end. Thankfully, she was just fidgety and not too vocal. I don’t think that she distracted the rest of the congregation.

    1. I was sitting in Mass shortly after finding out we were expecting our third, asking God how He expects me to handle a two year old and newborn, and make Mass productive for anyone!!

      Hats off to you! Hats off to anyone dealing with the 15-22 month wiggles!

  3. Oh it’s so nice when everything works out and the kids actually behave!! We have that Mass kit and it’s really sweet 😊 I bet you could bring the whole kit to adoration and keep him occupied! And maybe a children’s Bible – do you have The Action Bible or The Picture Bible? They’re both EXCELLENT.

    1. I think we have The Picture Bible… 🤔 I am really trying to get his buy-in to simply go. I just hate having to bribe, which is his current requirement. 😉

  4. Glad all went well for you and way to go MOM!!!! Just some advice from someone who is decades older than you. (Remember the Bible says, “The young are to learn from the old.) LOL! Mass is one thing, Adoration………… sitting totally still and quiet as an adult can be challenging, a little one, impossible! LOL!

    I would most assuredly save that one for future lessons. A way in the future lesson!

    Love your blog, outfit, and kids! God bless, SR

    1. Awww!! Thank you!! 🤗🤗

      I agree about Adoration. Although, I planted the seed with my son tonight, asking if he would be willing to go this week if he had some quiet toys and some coloring pages (and books). For us, Confession is also offered during Adoration, so I am trying hard to get there for Confession! I’m a little overdue. 😂

      1. When you are a Mom “overdue” is okay. I think you are doing great. The main thing is always to make sure they are mentally and physically ready. If not one is not going to have anything but chaos, and it is no one’s fault but the parent’s for trying to make them grow up too soon.

        My girls had very high I.Q.’s. One had 148 and the other 147. Now to reason with them on an academic level was intriguing to say the least as well as interesting. I always remembered though they were still kids and I always treated them as such. On one hand they were very much an adult on the other still a kid. It was the “kid” as to where I kept “our” balance. They were kid I was Mom!

        Even though they were extremely smart they still lacked what it was going to take for them to make it through life. As a parent that is I what I wanted for them more than anything.

        I never placed them in “special classes” or the like as I wanted them to have social interaction also. Which to this day they thank me for. I would never allow them to be placed in grade levels where kids were way too old for them.

        I can say, they are very well rounded adults, and that is what you want. Just some FYI. God Bless, SR

  5. I’m not sure if you’re in the season for it, but I tried to institute a Young Families Adoration time at my parish. The young families (families with young ones, not young parents necessarily!) would not be the ones dedicated to being there so if life happened Jesus wasn’t left alone, but it was an hour publicized that young ones *could* be there, so if that wasn’t your gig, you could go a different time. And if the family could only be there for 5/10/15m, or whatever, it was fine. Honestly, it never picked up for me, it was always just me and my kids until I couldn’t anymore. But in a different season I’d like to reinvigorate my effort. It was beautiful for the bit we did it.

    1. We had a similar thing going in Hawaii, where everyone knew my hours (I was the coordinator for a bit, so my (then) 18 month old and I would cover down as needed.

      Our current Catholic community (the military has its own archdiocese which is worldwide – so, no installation is its own parish) only has one hour a week available for Adoration; however, they do try to encourage either the first hour or the last each month to be devoted to “family hour.”

      Honestly, I take my kids, regardless! 😳🤷‍♀️😂

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