The Power of Femininity

Am over at Everyday Ediths today, exploring the theme of femininity. What does “femininity” mean to you?

Everyday Ediths

Our society seems to have a contradictory obsession with women. Either it is lambasting women for not being pretty or feminine enough, or it is telling women to regain their sense of self-worth and esteem and do whatever they desire. On one hand, there is a push to empower women, and the next breath, there is a soft whisper that women need to “work harder.” It begins when women are young, and society wields the sword of power over contradictions throughout women’s lives.

As we kicked off the June theme of “femininity,” Caitlyn introduced our Everyday Ediths readers to the four components of the feminine genius. She argued her power suit does not fit the societal norms of femininity, and, I would agree with her – neither does mine.

Catholic saints, such as the patroness for this blog, have often advocated the concept of the different sexes (biologically speaking)…

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