The Catholic Mom Bundle and Journey Through Advent: Some Amazing Advent Resources!

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Every year since my oldest was little, I have struggled to find a way to incorporate faith while combatting the hustle and bustle of the season. We have worked hard in the past five years to “Keep the reason for the season.”

This year was no different. And, if you are like me, you are trying to figure out how to incorporate more faith-related materials in the season, while keeping up with the holiday parties, the gift-giving, and the extra school concerts and work events.

Therefore, I am excited to announce I have written a book for other Catholic women like me – specifically, the Catholic military woman. Journey Through Advent: A Daily Advent Devotional for the Catholic Military Woman is available on Amazon for $9.95!

Journey Through Advent Cover

While written with an audience of Catholic Military Women, I have been blessed to receive a couple reviews from non-military Catholic women. Alicia from Sweeping Up Joy recommended how she would tweak the content to fit her civilian lifestyle as a Catholic, homeschooling mama of littles! Aleesa from Life, Love, and Sacred Art expressed how grateful she was for having easy, tangible action steps for a busy mama to incorporate into the preparation of her heart for the coming of Christ. Both ladies sponsored a giveaway, and Aleesa’s giveaway is still open if you’d like an opportunity to win!

But wait, there’s more!

Furthermore, I was excited to have the opportunity to join other Catholic artisans for the annual Catholic Mom Bundle! This bundle offers 20 products, one of them being my book in a digital format. But, even better, is the vast array of ways to assist a woman, and her family, in keeping that reason for the season, which can feel so elusive at a time such as this. For five days only, we have pooled together resources to assist with liturgical living, personal faith, emotional health, catechesis, family prayer, home organization, and home management.

The total value of this completely digital bundle is: $246. But, let’s be honest – I don’t have that money lying around to spend on myself, and I doubt you, dear reader, would be willing to do so either. That is why we, the contributors of the Catholic Mom Bundle, are offering this limited-time only offer of $25. That’s right – for $25 you get my book on digital format, along with 19 other phenomenal products. Let me share a couple of the other products I am excited are being offered:

The Question Jar by Alicia at Sweeping Up Joy

This particular work compiles ideas to spark conversation around the dinner table, or in my favorite place to have discussions, in the car. Some of them are simple, such as, “What is your favorite book?” Others can be a little more intense for all to answer, “Who is your favorite person in the Bible, besides Jesus?” The purpose and point of these questions is to help a parent guide some interaction, some conversation, and perhaps help grow in faith and family. As a former social worker, who has reverted to the Catholic Faith, these questions are amazing, and the intent behind the creation is superb!

Our Lady of Sorrows: A Catholic Novena Meditation & Prayer Journal by Lis Luwia

I was previously blessed to review this work. This is an amazing, contemplative work, meant to draw a reader – male or female – closer to Our Lady of Sorrows. Through a closeness with her, we find ourselves able to withstand our own incredible roles as women in today’s society. It also challenges us to recognize how the way we respond to stressors in our environment may be used as an opportunity to grow in grace, toward sanctification, and closer to Christ.

A Month for Your Marriage: 31 Days of Challenges by Surprised by Marriage

Similar to Alicia’s Question Jar, Jen and Logan from Surprised by Marriage compiled 31 ideas to grow together – as a Christian couple committed to your primary vocation. If you are familiar with the five love languages, there seems to be an idea that hits upon each and every single love language. And, if you are like me, and kind of run out of ideas for creative ways to let your spouse know you appreciate him/her, then these coupon-looking ideas will be a great way to spark the imaginative juices!

Those three are but a few samplings of some other pretty amazing work offered in this year’s Catholic Mom Bundle. There are coloring sheets, craft activities, fabric designs, etc. And, as I previously mentioned, this bundle, valued at $246, is on sale for an amazingly low price of $25 until midnight this Friday! In my opinion, this is one Advent treat you do. not want to miss out on taking advantage.

CMB Advent 2018 Collage

And, perhaps most importantly, there is a 30 day happiness guarantee. Download the bundle, try it out, and if you are not satisfied, just ask for a refund within 30 days!

I don’t want the bundle, but I want your book!

If you are just interested in purchasing a hard copy of my book, for yourself or for someone else, you can simply visit Amazon. I published through Amazon to ensure it could reach the far ends of the earth – so, an individual deployed could receive it, or a parent whose child is somewhere else in the world could order it. Or, a chapel group could incorporate it into a group faith study. The options are truly endless. And, I am so excited to be able to officially announce the launch of this book right here on my blog. More details about it, to include some inside glimpses, will be made available next week!

How will you be keeping Christ in Christmas this year? I’d love to hear below!

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