How to Advent Like a Boss: The Mass Box Review & Catholic Mom Bundle

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I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate faith-based products into our everyday life. Growing up, I would devour any and all tales of saints. And, starting in second grade, I became active in participating in the Mass. I started out in the choir, then moved into altar serving, and eventually found myself lectoring, reading, and being an all-hands-on-deck member of the community.

Not much has changed, I guess…

But, what has changed as I survey the churches we attend, is how I worry about creating an atmosphere which cultivates eagerness in my children to attend. I want them to desire the time with God, not out of a sense of obligation, but rather because they enjoy learning and growing toward Him.

As I have wondered how to grow their love of God, I have routinely contemplated subscribing for The Mass Box, to simply see if it is another resource that would be beneficial.

A couple weeks ago, through a connection at Catholics Online, I was offered a free box from The Mass Box company, in exchange for an honest review. They offered their November box, and I must confess – I was skeptical as I opened the contents of the box, simply because I am not a craftsy kind of person.

However, let me cut to the chase. I was so amazed and blown away at my son’s enthusiasm over these projects, I rushed to order The Mass Box subscription to take advantage of the upcoming Advent Box for next month. Time and quantities are limited, so I encourage you to stop reading, click this link here, and get yours ordered. Then, come back and finish this review!


The Mass Box came to us after the start of the month. Therefore, we had two Holy Days that needed catching up – the Solemnity of All Saints (1 November) and the first Sunday in November (4 November). And, while I had every intention of getting pictures of the 11 November magazine and craft while sitting in church, plans conspired against me as I held two of our three sick children on my lap at Saturday evening Mass.


To put it bluntly, The Mass Box is indescribably amazing! My son eagerly dove into the magazines, determined to find the way through the mazes. While he never seems to pay attention to the readings, when quizzed with the reading prompts, I realized he actually does pay better attention than I give him credit. And the corresponding craft ideas? Totally doable, and not cheesy – they actually produce useful topics of conversation before, during, and after creation!

The Mass Box created a solid length of time where my son focused on what we had previously learned at Mass, and was disappointed when I told him we would hold off to complete the upcoming Sunday’s project. As he dug through the box, he also shared enthusiasm at an upcoming project for Christ the King celebrations (held the weekend after Thanksgiving). The time devoted to this box became a family affair, from the baby attempting to reach for the supplies, to my husband assisting with some technical pieces, and my narrating (and documenting) the entire process

I have to confess I was envious at my son’s excitement. I wished I had something such as this available when I was a kid – and, I wondered if I could have taken my love for my Faith deeper, at an earlier age, had something like this product had been available back then.

So, this year, for Advent, we will be sidling up to our very own Advent Box – something which thrills me to no end!

While my almost-three year old is more active with crafts and coloring than her brother was at her age, I am truly most interested in capturing my six year old’s attention and understanding at Mass right now. Therefore, I only subscribed for the one-child box at this point in time. And, knowing the boxes would come with an activity for each Holy Day of Obligation for that month, the price seems reasonable. Since my son historically discards exciting activities in a relatively short time, we signed up for the three month subscription box, knowing it automatically renews unless I decide to cancel or modify the order.

Honestly, I would struggle to justify spending the money for a larger family – especially one with four children or more. Yet, that is the beauty of The Mass Box company. If you don’t want to pay the price for the entire craft kit, they offer other Bundle options such as one activity for the month plus all the magazines, or simply all the magazines – as seen in the images below.

If you aren’t eager to sign up for a subscription, but simply want to try it out before springing for the subscription, I encourage you to still consider “just” purchasing the Advent Mass Box. I believe it will be well worth the money!

And, I am excited to offer my readers a discount code for a free comic book from their site! The “Catholic Investigators” comic book, a $9.95 value, is available to you, dear reader for free, using the discount code of TOUR at checkout. This particular comic book is based on this cute YouTube video:

Catholic Investigators: Church Mission

Don’t forget the discount code of: TOUR for the comic book!

Seriously, giving up a daily coffee habit, or giving up a meal out once a week is worth it for the spark of imagination, enthusiasm, and understanding that comes about from the contents of this box. So, the first way I will be celebrating “Advent Like a Boss” is through this monthly subscription of The Mass Box.

There were giggles to no end when I mentioned to my son that if we hang the All Saints image on the dryer, it would be a reminder to me to find my path to holiness through the laundry. Both my son and I had a good laugh… and, I was joking… kind of.

Earlier this week, you might have read I am a contributing artisan for the annual Advent Catholic Mom Bundle. $246 worth of product conveniently packaged in a digital zip file for download, at an astronomically low price of $25! Furthermore, it’s a limited run – the Catholic Mom Bundle sale ends at midnight this upcoming Friday… but, it comes with a 30 Day happiness guarantee. So, if you decide you are unhappy with it, up to 30 days post-purchase, you can ask for a refund.

This particular Mom Bundle includes the following products, delivered right to your inbox:

12 Days of Mercy printable postcards, “A Beauty-full Advent” which encourages readers to find beauty in their environment, A Month for Your Marriage Challenge Cards, Advent Candle Hoop Embroidery Patterns, Advent Table Runner & Placemat Set Patterns perfect for beginning (and experienced) sewers, an At Home Nativity Play, “Be Yourself Journal” coloring pages, The Biblical Nature of Essential Oils, Christmas Countdown Activity, Christmas Printables Pack, “Grace Grows in the Trenches: 5 Minute Meditations for the Weary Catholic Mom” (with an Advent Bonus Bundle), “Love, Mom: Connect with Your Daughter Through the Gift of Journaling,” “Montessori Games to Play: Advent Edition,” “Our Lady of Sorrows: A Catholic Novena & Prayer Meditation Journal,” Printable Gift Tags, “Teaching Your Dyslexic Child,” “The Merciful Mama” E-course, and of course, yours truly’s digital version of “Journey Through Advent: A Daily Advent Devotional for the Catholic Military Woman”

That’s right – 20 unique, individual, creative ways to ensure the mom and the kids of the home “Advent Like a Boss!” And, even if I were not a contributor or affiliate, I would still be purchasing this for my family, simply because there are products in there that are for enhancing my personal faith journey, but also projects enclosed to help enrich my children’s faith journey.

But, time is of the essence with The Catholic Mom Bundle. You only have until midnight this Friday, 17 November, to finalize your purchase. If you can swing $25 dollars from your budget, you will find activities for everyone in the family, and everyone will reap the benefit of the spiritual rewards!

CMB Advent 2018 CollageBlogging itself has been difficult lately, but creating ways to lead people closer to Christ is a passion of mine, and I am refusing to give that up, even in the midst of the craziness of life!

This post leads me to ask you, dear reader – have you figured out how you will Advent Like a Boss this year?

And, as I continue on my blogging, writing, and creating journey, I would also like to know from you, dear reader – what would you like to see me develop in the coming months and this next year?

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