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In case you hadn’t noticed, I kind of have a soft spot for all projects which include upholding the dignity, rights, and respect of our nation’s veterans and active duty Servicemembers. So, when Julia, proud sister of a Navy veteran,  from asked at Catholics Online if there was someone who would like to host a newly written novena for the Holy Military Souls in Purgatory, I jumped at that opportunity. 

There is a saying attributed to Korean War veteran, Howard William Osterkamp,

All gave some, some gave all.

And, as we witness the generations go by in which our nation has engaged in skirmishes, conflicts, and outright wars, we witness the truth of that statement. 

Perhaps the most powerful song I have heard in recent times which exemplify this sentiment is found in Tim McGraw’s song, “If You’re Reading This”:


At the end of the day, even “simple” day-to-day, routine training can be extremely hazardous to our military Servicemembers. Furthermore, when our warriors return home from the battlefield, they come home changed – they are no longer the wide-eyed, naive, young whipper-snappers. Some Servicemembers have difficulty adjusting to life back home, and the battle they physically left behind begins to ravage them with invisible wounds.

As I explored two Memorial Days ago, others succumb to those invisible wounds. So, while Memorial Days are filled with picnics and cook outs, I again urge you, dear reader, to remember the Servicemembers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, including the tragedy of 22 each day.

One of the Spiritual Works of Mercy is to “pray for the dead.” As we begin to head toward Memorial Day 2019, I am honored to be able to offer this free Novena manuscript on my blog. I am hoping that you will join me in praying for the very special Holy (Military) Souls in Purgatory… the ones who have given all in service to our country – both during and after their time in service. To access the copy of Fresh Rosary’s Memorial Day Novena, simply click here, or click the caption of the image below to download.

Thank you for praying with me for the Holy (Military) Souls of Purgatory, beginning on Saturday, 17 May 2019 and ending on Memorial Day.

Image of a "Rugged Rosary" Rosary, with center medal featuring Mary and a secondary medal featuring St. Michael the Archangel. Rosary placed on top of the Memorial Day Novena booklet by Fresh Rosary #freshrosary #freshflowerrosary #beautifulcamouflage #catholicsonline
Memorial Day Novena

For more from Julia at Fresh Rosary, head on over to her website to check it out – she makes exquisite fresh rose rosaries and decade-rosaries!

And, thank you, Julia, for allowing me to have access to, and share, this beautiful Novena!

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