Bold, Brave, Catholic: A Poem

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I am extremely honored to have the following poem penned by a dear friend, and a Catholic who challenges me (in a good way) to actively live my Catholic Faith and witness – both in written expression and in daily life. Expecting her sixth baby, Becky is the wife of a Marine and mother to four living children and one saint-baby. Two of her children have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and she blogs about her experiences living, Today in the Life of Autism.

I had asked her if she would like to contribute to this series when it was a fledgling brain child. After experiencing a miscarriage, she penned the following piece, and submitted it for the “Bold, Brave, Catholic” series. I am humbled by Becky’s continued witness of living an authentically Catholic-Christian lifestyle, and pray that her words will reach another woman who may be struggling through similar circumstances.

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Brave. Bold. Catholic.

Brave is sharing.

Brave is knowing you are miscarrying your baby, but watching the ultrasound anyway.

Brave is hearing you may have an ectopic pregnancy and knowing you will not terminate.

Brave is watching your wife miscarry, and holding her hand through your own pain and worry.

Brave is not knowing His will, but accepting it.

Bold is acting.

Bold is going to the appointment confirming your loss and preparing for whatever future God may provide.

Bold is telling your children they will meet their sibling in Heaven.

Bold is living.

Bold is living the Gospel.

Bold is living the Gospel when His will and your wishes don’t align.

Catholic is comfort.

Catholic is truth.

Catholic is family.

Catholic is home.

Catholic is going to Mass and knowing your baby is there with the angels…

…and the saints…

…and you.

Catholic is built upon a rock.

To view more about Becky and how she parents and embraces her children’s diagnoses, and more inspiration on parenting children with an autism diagnosis, don’t forget to head over to her blog, Today in the Life of Autism!

In light of the current political climate, please note that these words were penned by a woman who is extremely faithful to Catholic Church teaching. All comments on my blog are moderated to begin with, and if you feel as though you would like to share a comment, please remember to be respectful of this author and her witness to the Catholic Faith.

4 thoughts on “Bold, Brave, Catholic: A Poem

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have two beautiful saint babies after miscarriages. This was very, very profound for me.

    1. Praying for you today, and thank you for sharing… our deepest prayers are that Becky’s words touch another tender heart!

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