Road Trip Play List: Top 5 Christian Albums for Lengthy Listening

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Yesterday, I wrote about how the vision for Beautiful Camouflage is changing. I stepped away from my blog for the better part of two years, and I am still not sure what this next move will entail, nor am I sure what is coming next for Beautiful Camouflage.

However, as I was driving around today, having made our last grocery pick-up in FL, and breathing a huge sigh that the countdown has officially begun, I began to have creative sparks – the ones which prompted me to begin writing almost six years ago.

Since I have a few minutes to spare this evening, I want to share some of my top five favorite albums by Catholic Christian artists that will be playing in my van as we drive cross-country. These are great child-friendly albums, since they are all about praise & worship, and don’t have any language or suggestive content to worry about explaining to my highly inquisitive seven or four year old.

Alive and Breathing by Matt Maher is currently playing on repeat on my phone today. His latest album was released this year (2020). I don’t like figuring out the genre of music, but I would say he is a Contemporary Christian artist, whose music crosses into the secular music scene as well. You can read more about his accomplishments as a recording artist and songwriter on his website. Also on play in the car will be his earlier albums: All the People Said Amen and Saints and Sinners. To hear his latest hit, simply click the YouTube video embedded below!

Companions of the Lamb by The Thirsting features amazingly faithful, Catholic Christian content in their debut album, with a hard rock sound. This music was played on repeat while I drove from FL to TN over last summer, and I can attest that it is deep content which will keep you thinking, singing, and fully awake while you drive in the wee hours of the morning, or the dark hours of the night. I will also most likely hit shuffle on my phone and listen to some of the other powerful songs featured in their other albums: Michael and Universal Youth. In a tale for another day, I actually got to speak to their lead singer, Daniel Oberreuter, last summer as I tried to identify a speaker for my Catholic community! While it can’t work for this community, I am excited to live near where the band originates, in the hopes I will get to see them live at some point. Someday, I will write about their song, Come Hold My Son, which is its own blog post. But, if you are interested in hearing a sample of the depth of their music, I embedded a YouTube video yesterday, and today, I will feature In This Sacrament below.

You’re Not Alone by artist, Marie Miller, has been on my phone for years, after seeing her play at a day conference in Northern Virginia. I like to think I knew of her music even before she was blessed to play for the Pope. I gravitate toward her music when I am feeling melancholy, and need some soft tunes to lift my soul. She reminds me of the music I listened to when I was in high school and college – except, with cleaner topics and subject matter! I look forward to also listening to her newer-to-me albums during this road trip: Letterbox and Little Dreams. For now, though, I will leave you with the embedded video for You’re Not Alone.

Sister Cristina made waves when her self-titled album hit the airwaves back in 2014. An Ursuline sister from Italy, she had won the 2014 edition of The Voice in Italy, and burst into the music world. She created waves because she released an album of pop songs, which did not fare too well with more conservative Catholics. However, I absolutely adore her voice, the energy that is reminiscent of Sister Act, and the contemporary kick to all her songs. Furthermore, some of her songs are actually ones I grew up singing – from both secular and contemporary Christian music sources.

Lean Into the Wind by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles is of music I listen to when I am extremely contemplative and in need of soft, gentle music with encouragement to actively live my faith. Their sweet voices strike the balance of needing music in my crazy, chaotic filled life… and, that translates to some peace on the noisier car rides on the road! Here is a sample of their voices as seen on YouTube for the 2015 Cardinal’s Awards Dinner.

Other honorable mentions of individual songs that will be played on our 3k+ mile trek across country include Christian artists and songs, such as:

I Need Thee Every Hour, as heard in their album Hymns, by Anthem Lights

Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong (feat. Andy Mineo) as heard in their Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) album by for KING & COUNTRY

All You’ve Ever Wanted, as heard in the album Thrive by Casting Crowns

Each of these albums and/or featured songs held some sort of major significance for me over the past couple years. Sacred art and music serve a purpose to lift our minds, heads, and hearts to our Creator. And, these past two years, I have deepened my relationship with God as I went before Him in prayer, and through the words and messages found in each of these songs. If you are planning to sit with Him in prayer through song, I encourage you to consider any and all of these songs.

Tell me, dear reader, which sacred music helps you on lengthy car rides these days?




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