Provoking Thoughts on Motherhood and Womanhood: A Review of Walk in Her Sandals

A story of faith, of love, of motherhood - both physical and spiritual, and more importantly, a story which embraces womanhood - I guarantee every woman will be able to relate to the spiritual journey of one of the characters of this story.

Keeping Christ at the Center

My children will observe my approach to the holiday season, and will learn accordingly. Using Advent as a stepping stone to prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas has been integral in keeping Christ at the center.

Keeping Advent, Advent!

Advent season is right around the corner! And, I don't feel prepared at all. Advent is a time of preparation.  Specifically, preparation to celebrate the birth of Christ.  In an increasingly secular world, there is a push to have Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving - in a couple stores, there were Christmas decorations out the week before … Continue reading Keeping Advent, Advent!