Chronic Illness & Mercy Epiphany

"As a mother, I can't be everything to everybody. There comes a time where I have to recognize my limitations, and model self-compassion to my children. I have to let myself off the hook, and recognize I can only do so much. If mothers aren't willing to be merciful toward ourselves, and we aren't able to be compassionate to ourselves from time to time, how can we fully extend compassion and mercy to others?" How an ordinary "simple" dental procedure has reminded me to be merciful and compassionate toward myself.

Doubting Thomas in My Sunday Best

In today's My Sunday Best post, I'm able to draw Divine Mercy Sunday in to the Gospel reading of Doubting Thomas. Such an amazing reminder of Christ's Divine Mercy, and some thought-provoking questions as to how to proceed in the days ahead!

I Am Also a Feminist

"If my beliefs stand at odds with current societal values, then that is a struggle I will accept. All I ask is for those who may disagree with me to be respectful in their dialogue, their view of who I am as a woman, and refrain from condemning me as someone unintelligent and anti-feminist. Those accusations are hurtful, when I am supporting the rights of those I view as humans, regardless of legal definitions. I believe in the concept of the preservation of life, and despite disagreeing with those who insist my views are not indicative of feminism, I will love them." An explanation on how I consider myself to be both a feminist and a person supporting pro-life causes.

Another Christian Role Model

Today is a pretty special day - in our family, it is my husband's birthday.  In the Catholic faith, it is also the day Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta becomes Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  So, I feel as though our family will be celebrating in style for two reasons! At a recent women's meeting, the chaplain … Continue reading Another Christian Role Model

God’s Love & Mercy

For nine seasons, Americans spent countless hours watching a television show that can be summarized by one phrase: "God loves you."  Toward the end of every episode, from 1994-2003, every week viewers would watch one of the three angels on the series Touched by an Angel remind their viewers that God loves them. Recently, I found myself … Continue reading God’s Love & Mercy