The Gratitude Project: Week 22

"Acknowledging the issue requires us to create a better future for our children and future generations, not just by declaring 'Me, too,' but perhaps more importantly, 'I believe you. I am sorry this happened to you. What do you need from me at this time?'" Today, I discuss my insight on why I am grateful for the most recent social media campaign which is trending. 

Thoughts on Eternity

The closer today's 100th Anniversary of the final apparition of Our Lady of Fatima drew, the deeper thoughts I had on the subject of eternity. It began with my post at Catholic Sistas, and ends with my thoughts here.

The Gratitude Project: Weeks 20 & 21

Last week's Gratitude Project and this week's Gratitude Project actually blended together seamlessly. I love it when that happens! What are you grateful for this week?

An Unlikely Affirmation in My Sunday Best

"So, to the parent out there, wondering why we put in the manual labor, the grief, the heartache, and the struggle to get children out of the door and off to Mass on a weekly basis, take heart." While not planning on linking up this week, the unexpected affirmation I received after Mass made me realize - another parent may need the same reminder!

The Gratitude Project: Week Nineteen

I typically don’t write about my CFS. But, there are definitely times in my life where I realize some things, when life is going well, that are taken for granted. Today’s Gratitude Project addresses one such instance. What are you grateful for this week?