Reframing My Thoughts

My husband began tackling un-boxing books this past weekend, which is no small task given the quantity of books two bibliophiles compile.  He set aside a couple boxes of my books, which I worked on last night. Prior to last night, I had unpacked quite a few religion-related books, and donated some novels and work-related books … Continue reading Reframing My Thoughts

Hard Work, Dedication, Stealth, and More… (Day 5)

The past two weeks, Little Miss' bedtime routine has been exactly the same.  We start putting her to bed between a certain time, and then after she is fully asleep, she is gently placed in her crib.  She wakes up at least once, as she is lowered into her crib, forcing me to pick her … Continue reading Hard Work, Dedication, Stealth, and More… (Day 5)