Advent PhotoChallenge – Week 2

I've noticed a theme in this week's prompts - they appear to be all about family and ... drumroll ... all about faith! Enjoy this week's takes, and look forward to seeing some from you!

When Faith Takes Over

I have blogged a few times about Adoration.  I am a huge advocate for going and spending a little extra time with Jesus during the week, sometimes with children, other times by myself.  I've referenced how it seems to recharge my physical, emotional, and spiritual batteries, and how it gives me a venue to teach my children … Continue reading When Faith Takes Over

Adoration Tonight!

Jesus has been waiting for me! He has been waiting for all of us! I want my children to know Jesus has been waiting for them, and He will continue to remain steadfast, loyal, and unwavering in His love and faith for them!

Missing Time with God

My husband recently described this PCS perfectly when he explained to a friend, "this move has been a comedy of errors."  Again, echoing sentiments of a previous post about this move, whatever can go wrong, has gone wrong.  That said, by looking at it in light of a comedy, I have been able to easily roll … Continue reading Missing Time with God