Why My Family isn’t Doing Advent

"I am, hands-down, impressed at the mothers and families who all have family-reflective Advents. But, that is not me. Not this year.  And, to any other Christian mama out there, worried they aren't "doing Advent right," may I impart this little reminder - there is no "one way," and there is no "right way," to have the perfect Advent. From this Catholic mommy blogger to the reader feeling overwhelmed, I'm giving you permission to meet yourself where you are at - to not feel guilty if you aren't having an Advent you either wanted, or envisioned." I get real and honest in tonight's piece about Advent. And, why my family is getting their "pass" this year.

Advent Parenting Success

"Intentional Parenting" may not see me completing a Jesse Tree this year, but at least it's facilitating lifelong lessons for my impressionable children.

Another Week, Another Set of Advent Pictures! – Week 3

This week's roundup of pictures include the prompts: Peace, Baby, Star, Light, Plenty, Thanks, and Angel. Check out the thought behind each picture chosen (and an adorable picture of our family's "baby")!

Keeping Christ at the Center

My children will observe my approach to the holiday season, and will learn accordingly. Using Advent as a stepping stone to prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas has been integral in keeping Christ at the center.