Love As Christ Loved on the Cross

This week, I challenge us to recognize the lies perpetuated by Satan. And, immediately turn your thoughts to Christ - Christ loved ALL of you... enough to die for you!

Four Letter Words (Day 4)

One Lent, I decided to give up cursing.  Every time I cursed, I would owe money in a jar - the first week, it was a nickel per curse word, the second week, a dime, the third week a quarter, etc.  My husband commented on the heftiness of our donation year. Yesterday, I wrote about my children … Continue reading Four Letter Words (Day 4)

Unexpected Work Leads to Introspection (Day 2)

The more I considered the Write 31 Days challenge, the more I realized my theme can't be narrowed down to one word.  Trying to choose a category under which to file this during the challenge was excruciatingly difficult, since I write about "Faith & Inspiration," but also "Family Life." As I struggled to narrow down my … Continue reading Unexpected Work Leads to Introspection (Day 2)

My Advice to New Parents

The past two of four nights, I have not slept in my bed.  And, on any of the various the nights I have slept in my bed, my husband and I find ourselves accompanied by little humans, even when they start the evening in their own beds. Experts claim when small humans are on the … Continue reading My Advice to New Parents