The Gratitude Project: Week Four (with Giveaway)

"A blogger is only as relevant as their readers." This week, in my Gratitude Project, I pen a heartfelt letter to the person who needs to read it the most. Giveaway and printable are included!

Love As Christ Loved on the Cross

This week, I challenge us to recognize the lies perpetuated by Satan. And, immediately turn your thoughts to Christ - Christ loved ALL of you... enough to die for you!

Things I Like About Me

This week's theme on the blog is "Affirmations" - Sunday was about motherhood. Today is all about myself as an individual - with my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions! I'd love to hear from you - what do *you* like about *you*?

The Woman Behind the Blog: Why I Blog

"I blog because I know somewhere, in this vast world, someone needs to hear my words. Someone needs to hear the challenges I face, and how I tackle them. Someone needs to hear the words of affirmation. Someone needs to hear my musings on faith, religion, and how it applies to my daily living." If you wonder about why I blog, today's CWBN post gives some insight!